Parliament In Plot To Seize Conservative Future Crown.


CONSERVATIVE PARTY staff within Parliament are rumoured to be plotting a sensational bid to lead Conservative Future (CF) into the 2015 General Election, TBG can exclusively reveal.

The secret plans kept under lock & key until now show how Conservative Party parliamentary staff want to "keep CF in their own circle in Westminster", according to one inside source.

Originally TBG sources point to former National Chairman candidate Paul Holmes as the prefered choice but say, "he got selected to run in the 2015 General Election to become an MP so a couple of other names are on the air".

Last years CF Best Practice candidate John Cope and a mystery second person are said to be eyeing up the top job.

It's still unclear how such a candidate will be much different from any other London based chairman, which seems to be a prerequisite in recent years to be elected National CF Chairman, other than power will be concentrated within the tiny Westminster bubble.

Another anonymous CF source told TBG - "As a northern CF'er, I have no problem with a London based chairman, as long as they are suitable for the role and do a good job. The problem is with these lot in Parliament, who don't even know the members, they are too busy with their jobs and they won't have time or even probably the inclination once elected to run CF."

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