Mike Hancock MP Fiasco Gets Even Murkier.

WHILST the wheels continued to fall off the Hancock bandwagon yesterday, The Portsmouth News website finally allowed into the public domain a piece of information known only to a relatively small number of insiders in Portsmouth mainly whom have been supporters of Hancock, TBG can exclusively reveal.

TBG can expose new questions now being asked over Hampshire Constabulary when "they wanted the investigation into Hancock based in Aldershot" to avoid any "influence". It sensationally emerged today that a Police Constable who is the partner of Pompey Lib Dem Cllr Lee Hunt was stationed at Aldershot police station at the time.

"Whilst (we) are not saying Pteh PC passed information over we do wonder why Cllr Margaret Adair (PC's mother) and Cllr Lee Hunt (PC's partner) so vociferously supported the alleged perpetrator."

TBG can also confirm that it is isn't so long ago that Cllr Lee Hunt and Cllr Margaret Adair both left the Conservatives (shortly before the last General Election) so that Lee could take up a lucrative post as an Executive member in Portsmouth Lib Dems Cabinet.