LEAKED: UKIP Email Fury At Defector As Its Election Crisis Spreads To Lincolnshire.

UKIP in Lincolnshire have reacted with fury at suggestions from a former Party representative, who was sensationally sacked by its NEC, that the wheels may be coming of their election bandwagon, TBG can reveal.

After reports on this website that UKIP are having an election crisis in Hampshire, it has now come to light that out of 16 councillors in Lincolnshire, five of them are "in limbo" as to whether they want to be apart of UKIP at all and another, you guessed it, has been sacked.

This was UKIP in Lincoln's reaction to questions about these missing UKIP councillors from a recently sacked Branch Secretary in the south-east - "Remember 'There's no such thing as bad publicity, just publicity'. Please publish what-ever you can on UKIP in Lincolnshire, we really need the publicity. Can't wait, hope it's in the Lincolnshire Echo, do you need their email or have you got it [sic]."

"By the way you have never been officially anything, certainly not the voice of UKIP. Perhaps the Green Party might be interested in you, sorry it was a no-go with the Tories and UKIP, still there's the Monster Raving Loony Party left, so don't give up, everyone fits in somewhere! [sic]"

The ferocious attack seems to demonstrate the continuing instability in UKIP with elections just around the corner in May.

A Lincolnshire UKIP activist revealed to TBG - "We had 16 councillors in Lincs, we now have 10, 1 sacked and 5 in limbo not knowing what's happening, not good really. I think Victoria Ayling is calling most of the shots since the demise of Chris Pain."