Former Lib Dem Youth Leader Makes Acting Debut Ahead of Bollywood Splash.

LIBERAL DEMOCRATS have launched a fabulous new website featuring Kavya Kaushik's sensational film debut. The former Liberal Youth Leader has made her intentions known to set her sights on the stars and become a Bollywood superstar since hanging up her Liberal crown last year.

The splendid piece of acting shows Kaushik telling her story as to why she wishes to remain a part of the EU in a short film entitled "Why I'm In". Kavya says - "I get opportunities to access funding through the EU and can study abroad in France", before hopping on a train to Paris Gare Du Nord.

The brand new attractive Liberal Democrats website is littered with funny 404 errors aimed at their political opponents - like this one.

[VIDEO] Kavya Kaushik acting debut featured on new Lib Dem website