EU Referendum - We Have Heard It All Before.

So, we are now told by David Cameron that despite a Private Member's Bill calling for an In or Out Referendum falling in the House of Lords only his party is committed to one.

All I can say is that we have heard it all before.

Mr Cameron promised a Referendum when in opposition and the Liberal Demcrats pledged one in their 2010 manifesto and just as was the case with Tony Blair and the Lisbon Treaty none of the main three parties have delivered.

Which means that yet again it is left to the brilliant Nigel Farage to stand up for our country's disheartened souls.

People should fall for none of Mr Cameron's false rhetoric come the local and European elections in May.

For an honest and fair referendum on the E.U in order to return British Government to the British people, leave the Court of Human Rights, stop the flood of economic migrants and have an N.H.S. For the U.K. the only way is the UKIP way.