Daily Mirror And Think Tank In Quest For 2015 Election Journalist Apprentice.

BRITISH FUTURE and the Daily Mirror are set to join forces and embark on a major new initiative entitled the 'Voice of a Generation' to sought out one 17-21 year old for a year-long apprenticeship at the daily national newspaper, TBG can reveal.

The successful candidate will investigate and publicise in the paper the concerns of first-time voters in the year leading up to the 2015 General Election.

A spokesperson for 'Voice of a Generation' told TBG that the apprentice - "Will also be mentored by senior staff at both the Daily and Sunday Mirror, and will have a unique platform to raise the issues that matter most to them and to other young people at national level."

British Future is an independent think-tank seeking to involve people in an open conversation about key issues affecting Britain today - like opportunity and identity, migration and integration.

Applications close on Friday 14/02/2014 - Full details can be found here.