Bow Group Attempt to Reinvigorate With New Media And Students Blitz.

THE BOW GROUP, it would seem after receiving some criticism, is attempting to reinvigorate itself. The United Kingdom’s oldest Conservative think-tank has sensationally taken a turn to modernisation and is set to introduce new media to its ammo, TBG can reveal.

A spokesperson for the Bow Group exclusively told TBG they are introducing "podcasts, interviews, live streams and documentaries", as well as "upping their social media presence".

Conservative stalwart & founding member of the think-tank Lord Howe attended their event this past Thursday, interviewing the leading economist and academic Professor John Kay of the Kay review.

The Bow Group is also launching "Bow Students" with Kings College London and the London School of Economics currently leading the frontline. A newly formed Facebook page for the LSE group says - "The Student branch of the Bow Group think-tank at the LSE for those interested in shaping policy and having their say."