'We Have The Votes To Call A No Confidence Motion In The Chairman Tomorrow' - Conservative Future's Broken National Executive.


COMMUNICATION between the Conservative Future (CF) National Executive has apparently broken-down to the point where there hasn't been an exec' meeting since Tory Party Conference in Manchester last year.

Members of the National Executive are facing serious performance concerns from within the sitting executive, regional chairmen and the wider membership.

The Conservative Future National Chairman is also facing sensational allegations of, "briefing against his strategy team and trying to have individuals removed from their regional positions", by FOUR leading CF representatives, TBG can exclusively reveal.

One senior CF member has confirmed that - "The Strategy Team were last spoken to by CF Chairman Oliver Cooper during a phone conference last summer, the National Exec' last met at start of Party Conference and there has been absolutely no follow up on the points raised in that meeting."

The senior Tory youth member also gives a remarkable insight into the workings of Conservative Future - "The Chairman has not organised anything and answers emails very very rarely. There have been two National Executive meetings since the NE was formed last May, one in June and one in September. I have no idea what his plans are for the next six months are."

TBG can confirm that the Deputy National Chairmen and National Chairman are not in constructive communication at all. According to sources, National Deputy Chairman Sarah-Jane Sewell has been a lone ranger in organising Conservative Future national events including a Halloween party, a Christmas party, an event with Gavin Barwell MP on Monday and 3 more events over the next three months, including with Iain Duncan Smith MP & Liam Fox MP.

Another senior Tory youth representative told TBG - "I have only spoken to the CF National Chairman once since last June. We have the votes to call for a no confidence motion in the Chairman tomorrow if we wanted to, both on the National Executive and the Regional College."

This time a CF regional chairman source exposed to TBG in their words, "the most recent farce..."

"One of the National Deputies got irritated by the lack of action and took the initiative of requesting an update from everyone for a Christmas newsletter. Having initially been fine with the idea, the National Chairman then failed to get back with any feedback or amendments but insisted it wasn't to be sent out until he had done so. As such, it wasn't sent out and everyone had their time wasted."

A 4th leading young Tory figure said - "This would have been a newsletter telling all CF members what everyone they had elected to do had been doing and the National Executive were not allowed to send it out."

What seems to now be a Broken Executive will not impress hardworking Conservative Future activists, who invest their free time into making the organisation a campaigning force to be reckoned with.

TBG's regional chairman source concluded - "We at least hoped for some degree of dignity, but it seems that hope was in vain."

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