EXPOSED: South-West Conservative Future & Their National Chairman Candidate - 'The Next Boris Johnson'.


POTENTIAL CONSERVATIVE FUTURE (CF) National Chairman candidate Robert Graham has found himself under the microscope since making an appearance in a recent CF poll on future national chairman candidate hopefuls' current standing, TBG can reveal.

Charismatic Robert sensationally launched his bid on Twitter shortly after his poll appearance declaring to stand for democracy and CF, whilst slamming the current National Executive for serving their term longer than CF'ers are comfortable with.

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The committed Tory activist recently stood to be elected as the Membership Officer for South-West CF, following the resignation of the previous post-holder. Sources have revealed to TBG that the hardworking Robert Graham has "long been trying to influence the South-West Executive", in order to raise his profile with a view toward standing against the current chairman, Toby Elliot.

At a function, less than 3 months ago, according his local colleague Adam Hinks, Robert is alleged to have been "openly disloyal" toward the current Executive leadership and forthcoming about his electoral intentions, claiming that the Chairman - "Lacked charisma and any real leadership qualities".

One source has sensationally revealed a state of scandal & investigations at South-West CF centered around the national chairman wannabe - "It was during the elections for the position of membership officer that the first signs of trouble occurred. Robert had indicated that he was standing from early on in the process and had expected to be elected unopposed. However, a CF'er from Weston Super Mare also decided to run for election, despite having known Rob for a long time.

"A colleague of mine, who holds a senior position within the South-West region, recounted to me that he were harangued for days via many forms of communication by Robert who was trying to secure his vote. This seemed to be the same for many other Executive members.

"Before the selection meeting, it is alleged that Robert commented to Harry Ives (Deputy Political) that he thought it was ‘perfectly alright to get personal’ during the contest. He made claims about Ed’s ‘academic background’, his ‘learning difficulties’ and his ‘lack of political experience’."

An argument followed with senior members of the South-West area.

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TBG's source concludes the account by suggesting Robert Graham can't yet win elections, a claim that may well propel him to run the race and prove his critics wrong - "Suffice to say that Robert subsequently lost the election by a landslide. Furthermore, the regional Chairman, Toby Elliot opened an investigation into Robert’s behaviour and inexcusable actions.

"Robert has also stood in the Bristol and South Gloucestershire CF elections. He once again failed to secure a position on CF."

[Pic] Ambitious Robert
Local Tories say the CF national chairman contender should wait to run for such a prominent role until - "He matures and his attitude improves towards other people."

Despite all of these internal local struggles for Robert, sources do say that he is a committed member of CF who frequently goes above and beyond the call of duty both in campaigning and attending events.

TBG also understands that other CF'ers have approvingly labeled zesty Robert Graham, "the next Boris Johnson" and "the only hope for CF".

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