Young Labour Deliver Blow To Leadership And Reject 'Anti-Union' Reform.

YOUNG LABOUR (YL) have rejected the recent Collins Review into Labour Party structures in the wake of the Falkirk selection scandal and voted to keep the status quo regards Trade Union links with the Party, TBG can sensationally reveal.

The huge blow to the Labour leadership that forced a statement from Labour Party HQ defending the reforms, came after a fiery debate between Young Labour members which ended in a ballot re-count after the initial victory was in favour of the Collins Review.

In what's seen in Labour Party circles as a victory for the Left, delegates at the conference in Bradford cast their votes 109 to 107 and rejected the "anti-union Collins Review".

The two Young Labour delegates, YL National Chairman Simon Darvill and Campaigns boss Tori Rigby, will cast their 2 votes for the left-wing movement against the proposed plans at Labour 'Special Conference' this weekend.

As-well as opposing the Collins Review, Young Labour also voted in favour of renationalising the railways, abolishing right to buy and a 'super tax' on Britain’s wealthiest.

Elsewhere at the YL conference in Bradford, Warrington Young Labour was named 'Best New Young Labour Group'.

UPDATE: Labour Approve Union Party Membership Reform

UKIP Councillor 'Will Have To Step Down' After Torching Womans Clothes.

A UKIP Councillor elected last May today says he will have to step down after he pleaded guilty last week to Arson at Aldershot Magistrates' Court, TBG can reveal.

The Rushmoor Borough Councillor, Malcom Small, sensationally admitted burning clothes belonging to a Kim Van Opdorp, whom nominated him for the position, at his home on February 4th.

Small told local reporters - "I enjoy my job but I will have to step down if I go to court and I feel that's so wrong when I enjoy helping people."

Tousi Woos Tory Youth Wing With Unifying Lewisham Bash.

OVER 100 Tory members & activists, young and old from Newcastle to Birmingham & all over the country were in Lewisham last night for the campaign launch of popular Conservative Future (CF) London Executive Member, local Council Candidate & CF National Chairman hopeful, Mahyar Tousi.

Grand came speeches from the Minister for Armed Forces Mark Francois MP, GLA member James Cleverly, Paul Nizinskyj from Conservatives for Liberty and Simon Nundy, the Mayoral candidate for Lewisham. There was also representation from The Freedom Association.

Apparently the Tories have women troubles? Tousi does not
Mahyar's thumping speech sensationally attacked the Labour Lewisham Council, as well as praising CF for becoming a strong movement. The rousing engagement with the 100 strong crowd was described by onlookers as "funny" and "powerful", TBG can reveal.

Some keen CF'ers in attendance were expecting Mahyar Tousi to make a dramatic announcement about bid for CF Chair, but instead he spoke of the need for unity in the Conservative Party for the next election.

One glazed eyed Tory youth member said - "He seems to be one of the few who can unite both left and the right of the Party."

Another enthusiastic guest told TBG - "These grand campaign events are exactly what we need in politics. As Eric Pickles has said many-a-time, politics should be fun. And Mahyar knows how to campaign hard and throw devilishly fun parties."

EXCLUSIVE: Portsmouth Lib Dems Rocked By More Resignations.

PORTSMOUTH Lib Dems have this morning been rocked by rumours of two big resignations. It is understood that Simon Dodd and Karen Tyrell have both withdrawn at the last minute from being candidates in the forthcoming local elections, TBG can sensationally reveal.

Dodd pulling out would seem significant, as he is also Chairman of the Portsmouth Liberal Democrats as a whole and has been a big campaigner in the Hilsea Ward. Tyrell was due to stand in neighbouring Baffins Ward.

It's not yet known why the two have officially pulled out but, significantly the Portsmouth Lib Dem Office are refusing to deny the story.

UPDATE - Tyrell has this afternoon confirmed she will not stand.

'Red Ed Miliband Has Been Caught Out'.

The news that sources close to Red Ed Miliband have been caught out saying that Labour are planning a policy shift on the issue of an EU Referendum simply proves what a classic political opportunist Red Ed really is.

People will remember the Labour Party for promising a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty in 2005 and failing to deliver.

As for Nick Clegg saying he would like a "six-month wait" for migrant benefits in his party's 2015 manifesto I remember clearly Lib Dem campaign material calling for an EU Referendum published in 2010.

And with Ukip's N.E.C. continuing to resort to Gestapo tactics inside their own party it seems that Mr Cameron (with a bit of help from Angela Merkel) may well be on to a winner after all.

Labour Candidate Pleads Guilty to Filming Men Urinating in Public Toilets.

LABOUR'S former local Croydon candidate David Christison has sensationally pleaded guilty to filming men going to the toilet on 30 occasions in Croydon town centre, between 2011 and 2013, TBG can reveal.

Police were called to a shopping centre in April last year by security guards who claimed Christison was in the public toilets covertly taking pictures and videoing other men urinating.

His phone was then checked by police and a video of another man urinating was allegedly found.

The former Labour candidate will be sentenced on March 20 at Croydon Magistrates’ Court. His bail conditions state that he is not able to use the public toilets within the Centrale Shopping Centre in Croydon, London.

Last year, the local Labour Leader Tony Newman replaced Mr Christison as the local Croydon candidate with former Tory MP Andrew Pelling.

UKIP Keep It In The Family - Lincoln.

DESPERATION seems to have now set in for UKIP candidates in Lincolnshire too after this website reported that the former Chairman of Havant begged his family to be paper candidates for the 2014 Council elections, TBG can reveal.

According to the Lincoln and Gainsborough UKIP Blog out of 8 candidates, 4 are from the Smith family and another two candidates both have the surname Warde.

The troubles in UKIP on the County Council seem to now be having an adverse effect with candidates for the City Council too.

Then again, it is probably a bit harder for UKIPs Gestapo NEC to sack candidates if they come from the same household.

Red Ed Caught Dithering Over EU Referendum.

Red Ed Miliband was yesterday caught out dithering over plans for an E.U. Referendum.

Whilst Red Ed himself said his party would continue to oppose David Cameron's plan for an in or out vote in 2017 which will be hammered out with Angela Merkel later today, a senior Labour source has told the Daily Express that Red Ed is preparing for a "policy shift" on the issue.

Red Ed is not on his own either.

After TBG exclusively exposed that Nigel Farage is planning to stand against him next year, Nick Clegg said yesterday that he would like to see a "six-month wait" for migrant jobless benefits in his party's 2015 manifesto.

TBG also recalls leaflets distributed by the Lib Dems in 2010 promising an E.U. Referendum.

Tory MP for Skipton and Ripon Julian Smith told TBG - "Nothing is more uncertain for business than this type of weak leadership."

UKIP PPC Goes Puppy Training.

Hot on the heels of Havant's John Perry fluffing his lines at his hustings speech last Wednesday comes the news that the new Havant UKIP Chairman & PPC is to do some puppy training today, TBG can reveal.

Such is the lack in branch experience after the resignation of their previous Chairman last week, new Chairman & PPC John Perry is this week going to Portsmouth to see how it really works.

One source told TBG - "Its a waste of time! Any branch like Portsmouth that appoints a PPC who is such a loose cannon like their current one need help themselves."

Not that Perry needs guidance anyway. Only last week he exposed UKIP's Gastapo colours by sacking a democratically elected branch secretary hours after he was appointed on the orders of the NEC which continue to insist he was a Tory plant.

Neil Hamilton in Rigged UKIP Youth Election Cash For Chairman Scandal.

YOUNG INDEPENDENCE (YI) have been thrown into turmoil after revelations that their National Elections taking place this week are 'rigged' and the chosen winner has sensationally been offered cash payments for his 'services', TBG can reveal.

An ex-UKIP member who quietly left the party recently told TBG - "Mostly because those in command are pig-ignorant and refuse to leave YI alone. The NEC are desperate to have control over YI affairs and frankly, they are about to get it. The NEC are backing one candidate and one candidate only for this election, Jack Duffin."

The source claims former disgraced Tory MP, UKIP NEC member & YI President Neil Hamilton offered Jack Duffin the position of YI Chairman with a 12k salary, this offer did apparently not apply to Duffin's election opponent. TBG asked Duffin for comment on the claims two days ago, and has heard nothing back, after he had a short email exchange with TBG recently.

A former UKIP member revealed - "I was called up by a senior party member and told 'Nigel wants you for YI Chairman'. I was told that if I stood, anyone who stood against me would be told not to and it would be 'fixed' so that I would win. 'There are ways of fixing these things' I was told. Needless to say - I refused point blank, and this was part of the reason I left the party."

Another fromer 'Kipper sensationally told TBG that - "A member of the NEC, who was sympathetic to me, told me at the time of Olly Neville's election that Nigel Farage wanted to put his opponent in charge of YI against the wishes of the voters, and Nigel had certainly said encouraging things to him to stand."

"I heard from a reliable YI source that Neil Hamilton had said that he wanted Jack Duffin to be chairman and there to be no competition"
- they concluded.

Of course UKIP's NEC does have form for this type of behaviour and never seem happy with their YI Chairman. Examples include when the NEC fired Olly Neville for comments supporting gay marriage and when the YI founder was sensationally removed and replaced from his position in a Farage coup.

EXPOSED: UKIP Leader Farage In Secret Plot To Oust Clegg At General Election.

NICK CLEGG should prepare long and hard for his EU debate with UKIP Leader Nigel Farage, as the event is allegedly apart of a top-secret plot to assure the demise the Deputy Prime Minister & Liberal Democrat Leader.

A Tory plant at the heart of UKIP and in its London HQ say that instead of their Leader running a parliamentary election race in Thanet or Boston and Skegness, Nigel Farage is in actual fact "planning to stand against Nick Clegg in Sheffield Hallam", TBG can sensationally reveal.

The plans so far in motion include using UKIP's 2015 Spring Conference to launch their General Election Campaign in the city of Sheffield.

Another rumour doing the rounds for sometime now is that Mike Hancock MP is calling it a day and that there is going to be a by-election in his seat in late May to coincide with the European Elections.

UKIP intend to pile the pressure on Hancock. TBG can exclusively reveal Leader Nigel Farage will launch the whole South-East Regional European Elections Campaign in the Portsmouth on Monday April 28th outside the city's Guildhall.

LEAKED: UKIP Email Fury At Defector As Its Election Crisis Spreads To Lincolnshire.

UKIP in Lincolnshire have reacted with fury at suggestions from a former Party representative, who was sensationally sacked by its NEC, that the wheels may be coming of their election bandwagon, TBG can reveal.

After reports on this website that UKIP are having an election crisis in Hampshire, it has now come to light that out of 16 councillors in Lincolnshire, five of them are "in limbo" as to whether they want to be apart of UKIP at all and another, you guessed it, has been sacked.

This was UKIP in Lincoln's reaction to questions about these missing UKIP councillors from a recently sacked Branch Secretary in the south-east - "Remember 'There's no such thing as bad publicity, just publicity'. Please publish what-ever you can on UKIP in Lincolnshire, we really need the publicity. Can't wait, hope it's in the Lincolnshire Echo, do you need their email or have you got it [sic]."

"By the way you have never been officially anything, certainly not the voice of UKIP. Perhaps the Green Party might be interested in you, sorry it was a no-go with the Tories and UKIP, still there's the Monster Raving Loony Party left, so don't give up, everyone fits in somewhere! [sic]"

The ferocious attack seems to demonstrate the continuing instability in UKIP with elections just around the corner in May.

A Lincolnshire UKIP activist revealed to TBG - "We had 16 councillors in Lincs, we now have 10, 1 sacked and 5 in limbo not knowing what's happening, not good really. I think Victoria Ayling is calling most of the shots since the demise of Chris Pain."

Portsmouth South UKIP PPC Next Up For Gestapo Chop.

Is the unpopular current UKIP Candidate in Portsmouth South Douglas Denny the next for the Gestapo chop?

Hot on the heels of a Hampshire Branch Secretary being sacked just hours after a democratic election, the focus of attention in the civil war gripping the party in Hampshire is now on Portsmouth South where rumours of a by-election are fast gathering strength, TBG can sensationally reveal.

TBG understands that despite having a full slate of candidates for the forthcoming Portsmouth Council elections most members are unhappy with their new PPC.

One source told TBG that if a by-election does take place it's "unlikely" that the former Conservative Party councillor will be their man. Denny was quoted in national press after comments from a UKIP forum were leaked to the media. Denny said that gay sex is "disgusting" and - "What irritates me is they (sic) way they and their leftie, neo-Commie followers seem to want to force the rest of us to consider them as normal.

"I just wish they would keep their ­homosexual nature and practices to ­themselves and stop trying to ram it down my throat telling me they are ‘normal’ when they are not."

The rumour sweeping UKIP is that it's going to be big hitter Ray Finch instead. Finch won a seat on Havant Council last May and was "different class" to John Perry at the recent Havant constituency hustings, according to sources.

Finch didn't look unhappy after losing either which has only raised suspicions of yet another Gestapo chop maybe on the cards.

'Mr. Cameron Has Now Won Back My Trust'.

My oh my, what a relief it is to hear that David Cameron and William Hague are this week to begin the process of laying the foundations ready for the re-writing of Europe's rules which will ultimately lead to the 2017 E.U. Referendum.

With migration levels, benefit laws and red tape set to top the agenda when the Prime Minister meets Angela Merkel, Mr. Cameron has now won back my trust.

Red tape alone costs British businesses £6 Billion a year and most of it is down to the Lisbon Treaty that Tony Blair signed and failed to give the British people a say on.

At long last David Cameron's actions are finally matching his words and on this one I am with him all the way.

Witney Walker Slams Tory Youth National Executive & Says He Wants to Lead Conservative Future.

WITNEY Conservative Future (CF) Chairman Liam Walker has exclusively revealed to TBG that he does intend to enter the national stage and hopes to lead Conservative Future with a "great team" after the 2015 General Election.

The Tory activist, who is Chairman of the Tory youth wing in PM David Cameron's constituency, seemed to despair at the current state of Conservative Future, sensationally slamming its current National Executive:

"CF is all over the place at the moment. A Christmas party that never happened. An executive fighting with each other on Twitter. No consistent national events/campaign days.

"It's embarrassing for those of us who are getting out there and working hard."

When pressed on the issue of running for CF National Chairman Witney Walker said - "Let's get the general election out of the way and then I will talk to a few people who I think would make a great team to join me in talking CF forward."

#CFonSunday >> 'We Have The Votes To Call A No Confidence Motion In The Chairman Tomorrow' - Conservative Future's Broken National Executive

UKIP Gestapo Sack Branch Secretary After Democratic Election.

DEMOCRACY in UKIP took a dive this weekend when this website revealed that the Young Independence (YI) election would yet again be determined not by the Party electorate, but its National Executive Committee.

It seems not just YI elected officials have-to fear the UKIP NEC, but also those in local positions after a Branch Secretary was sensationally sacked for having "journalistic links" to tea-break tabloid TheBlueGuerilla, TBG can exclusively reveal.

Secret emails seen by TBG also confirm that UKIP sensationally had suspicions that the journalist was a Tory plant all along, a claim TheBlueGuerilla today furiously refused to confirm or deny. It is thought the suspicions began at a UKIP branch in Lincoln.

Not much seems to have changed in UKIP since the infamous #Ollyshambles and the Friends of Palestine shannagins.

Warning 'Kippers, the secret UKIP NEC police are watching.

'We Have The Votes To Call A No Confidence Motion In The Chairman Tomorrow' - Conservative Future's Broken National Executive.


COMMUNICATION between the Conservative Future (CF) National Executive has apparently broken-down to the point where there hasn't been an exec' meeting since Tory Party Conference in Manchester last year.

Members of the National Executive are facing serious performance concerns from within the sitting executive, regional chairmen and the wider membership.

The Conservative Future National Chairman is also facing sensational allegations of, "briefing against his strategy team and trying to have individuals removed from their regional positions", by FOUR leading CF representatives, TBG can exclusively reveal.

One senior CF member has confirmed that - "The Strategy Team were last spoken to by CF Chairman Oliver Cooper during a phone conference last summer, the National Exec' last met at start of Party Conference and there has been absolutely no follow up on the points raised in that meeting."

The senior Tory youth member also gives a remarkable insight into the workings of Conservative Future - "The Chairman has not organised anything and answers emails very very rarely. There have been two National Executive meetings since the NE was formed last May, one in June and one in September. I have no idea what his plans are for the next six months are."

TBG can confirm that the Deputy National Chairmen and National Chairman are not in constructive communication at all. According to sources, National Deputy Chairman Sarah-Jane Sewell has been a lone ranger in organising Conservative Future national events including a Halloween party, a Christmas party, an event with Gavin Barwell MP on Monday and 3 more events over the next three months, including with Iain Duncan Smith MP & Liam Fox MP.

Another senior Tory youth representative told TBG - "I have only spoken to the CF National Chairman once since last June. We have the votes to call for a no confidence motion in the Chairman tomorrow if we wanted to, both on the National Executive and the Regional College."

This time a CF regional chairman source exposed to TBG in their words, "the most recent farce..."

"One of the National Deputies got irritated by the lack of action and took the initiative of requesting an update from everyone for a Christmas newsletter. Having initially been fine with the idea, the National Chairman then failed to get back with any feedback or amendments but insisted it wasn't to be sent out until he had done so. As such, it wasn't sent out and everyone had their time wasted."

A 4th leading young Tory figure said - "This would have been a newsletter telling all CF members what everyone they had elected to do had been doing and the National Executive were not allowed to send it out."

What seems to now be a Broken Executive will not impress hardworking Conservative Future activists, who invest their free time into making the organisation a campaigning force to be reckoned with.

TBG's regional chairman source concluded - "We at least hoped for some degree of dignity, but it seems that hope was in vain."

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#CFonSunday EXTRA! EXTRA! >> Witney Walker Slams Tory Youth National Executive & Says He Wants to Lead Conservative Future.

EXCLUSIVE: UKIP Election Crisis Hits Hampshire.

UKIP in the Hampshire Borough of Havant are in total chaos as regards candidates for the forthcoming local elections after it emerged Chairman Steve Harris told its AGM last week that after contacting many of last year's candidates, only three have pledged to plough on, TBG can exclusively.

One sensationally had a go at Mr Harris saying that even if he had got elected he would have resigned straight away.

To date the party have two candidates, sources say the Branch Chairman even requested his relatives to come forward as paper candidates.

Ironically, one of the candidates shouldn't have even been on the agenda because the area, Waterlooville, isn't even in the constituency.

Try telling Mr Harris that.

Young Independence Set to Elect New National Executive - If Approved by UKIP NEC.

YOUNG INDEPENDENCE (YI), the youth wing of UKIP, are set for national elections next week as Chairman Rob Comely departs his post after a year at the helm. Leaked emails seen by TBG reveal the short-sharp UKIP process that YI candidates have to follow.

If past YI elections are anything to go by this years could be a real humdinger of an affair. And even if you are elected to the YI Council, there is no guarantee the UKIP National Executive Committee will approve your democratic selection.

Jack Duffin and Christopher Wood will go head-to-head in the race to become YI National Chairman. UKIP's Jack Duffin is also a candidate for national NUS President.

Vice Chairman candidates are Thomas Hoof & Tory turncoat Robin Hunter-Clarke, who was demoted by his local association last summer.

Leaked emails show outgoing YI Chairman Rob Comley instructing candidates to follow strict procedure, TBG can exclusively reveal:

"Candidates who are opposed now have until Sunday morning at 9am to submit a manifesto. This can be no longer than two pages of A4 and contain one photo."

"Candidates will then be able to start campaigning for your vote from Monday morning at 9am, with polling open from Wednesday until Friday."

"The names of candidates who have been elected unopposed will now be sent to the NEC for approval. You will have the chance to reject all regional chairs during polling if you feel that they will not represent you [sic]."

[VIEW] EXCLUSIVE Full List of Nominees

UK Should Not be Afraid to Defy Crypto Communist EU.

The news that the number of Romanians and Bulgarians soared by 42,000 before visa controls were lifted simply underlines why Britain should not be afraid in any way, shape or form of defying the crypto communist E.U. on the issue of immigration.

The Government need to realise that for every new economic migrant moving to Britain another person's youth talent is left to rot.

It happened under Labour and now its happening under the Conservatives.

David Cameron needs to stand up to the euro fanatics in the coalition and take action now by having this in or out referendum before any more damage to our own UK nationals and the British economy in general is done.

EXCLUSIVE: UKIP Perry to Face Tory Uni Minister David Willetts at General Election.

Willetts vs. Perry
HAMPSHIRE local activist & campaigner John Perry has been selected as the UKIP candidate for the next General Election in the Havant constituency, TBG can exclusively reveal.

Mr Perry, who comes from Hayling Island, narrowly missed out on winning a seat on Havant Council last year but recently helped put together a 4,000 signature petition to abolish Tory plans for car parking charges at Hayling Island Health Centre.

John Perry will face up with Higher Education Minister David Willetts in 2015.

At the same meeting TBG's Geoff Brooking was unanimously elected as UKIP Havant constituency secretary.

Essex Tory Councillor Stephen Canning In Council Chamber Confrontation.

BRAINTREE Councillor & Eastern Conservative Future Regional Chairman Stephen Canning ruffled a few feathers at the DC's Full Council meeting in retaliation to comments made by two members of the Labour opposition, who had opposed Canning's motion calling on the council to support its high streets and small businesses.

Hardworking Tory activist Stephen Canning also laid into local Essex Labour councillors after they complained about lack of money available, only for Canning to remind them they blew it all, TBG can reveal.

Canning exclusively told TBG - "I don't apologise for standing up for small businesses across Braintree, they're the hard workers and risk takers who will help drive the future growth of our district. Through my work with Braintree Hour I've tried to help showcase the amazing variety of businesses we have across the area and will continue to do so regardless of Labour's anti-business rhetoric."

The Essex Tory councillor has recently been shortlisted for the LGiU C'llr Achievement Awards 2014 in the category of Digital Innovator of the Year for launching Braintree Hour.

[VIDEO] Canning the Cannon brutally takes apart Labour opposition

Memories Of Maggie.

CLICK to Purchase Tickets

[PIC] Email That Drags Tony Blair Into Hacking Trial.

Rebekah Brooks' email suggests Blair offered his services - H/T @PSbook

By-Election Speculation Rife As Scandal Prone MP Remains Hospitalised.

SPECULATION of a by-election in Portsmouth South took another twist last night when it emerged that Mike Hancock MP will be in hospital for at least another week.

It is still not yet known what is wrong with him but many people are speculating that the scandal prone MP plans to use his illness, whatever it may be, in order to exit public life.

The news comes on the day that TBG can exclusively reveal that an alleged letter from the CPS to Portsmouth Council was in actual fact more critical of Hancock's alleged conduct than previously thought. This has led to renewed calls for another force to re-investigate the whole debacle.

Today, a campaign has begun to get Mr Clements' CPS letter about Mr Hancock published in the media.

Tory Party Chairman Shapps Responds to Dismissive Conservative Future Tweet.

>> Shapps' original tweet is now deleted. But with the power of the internet we can remind ourselves what Shapps actually said in response to a question by an activist.


Former Lib Dem Youth Leader Makes Acting Debut Ahead of Bollywood Splash.

LIBERAL DEMOCRATS have launched a fabulous new website featuring Kavya Kaushik's sensational film debut. The former Liberal Youth Leader has made her intentions known to set her sights on the stars and become a Bollywood superstar since hanging up her Liberal crown last year.

The splendid piece of acting shows Kaushik telling her story as to why she wishes to remain a part of the EU in a short film entitled "Why I'm In". Kavya says - "I get opportunities to access funding through the EU and can study abroad in France", before hopping on a train to Paris Gare Du Nord.

The brand new attractive Liberal Democrats website is littered with funny 404 errors aimed at their political opponents - like this one.

[VIDEO] Kavya Kaushik acting debut featured on new Lib Dem website

EXPOSED: Tory Youth National Executive Split Deepens Over Social Media Block.

CF'ers complain they are being blocked from Tory Youth social media groups

CONSERVATIVE FUTURE (CF) National Executive's two leading personalities clashed very publicly on Twitter last night over an activist being unable to access a national CF Facebook drinks event page.

CF National Chairman Oliver Cooper claimed that the activist couldn't access the event due to being blocked by the Page creator his Deputy Sarah-Jane Sewell, a claim desribed as "utter bullshit" by the CF National Deputy, TBG can sensationally reveal.

TBG has also received emails from deeply concerned activists that CF'ers have been blocked from accessing the National CF Closed Facebook Forum by those National Executive members in control of the group.

One activist told TBG - "Sarah blocked me from the CF group. If anyone organises something I can't see it, I can't see what happens anymore! I've considered going to the EU about the issue."

CF National Executive public spat over social media access;


Vance And Anderson In Race To Become New Tory Youth Women's Chairman As Hilley Steps Down.

CLARE GEORGE-HILLEY has stepped down as Conservative Future Women's (CFW) Chairman after 2 years in the top job for the organisation she launched with Home Secretary Theresa May in January 2012.

The dramatic move is set to change the young Tory female landscape and has signalled a possibly sensational campaign to be the next CF Women's Leader, with a couple of names already being whispered in the wind. Sources suggest hardworking executive members Aisha Vance and Elizabeth Anderson are being tipped as possible successors to Hilley, TBG can exclusively reveal.

Only CWF members can vote and TBG can disclose the organisation has around 650 girls that are eligible to vote in the ballot, which will take place at the AGM on Tuesday 18th March in Parliament at 7pm. Attendees will be joined by Charlotte Leslie MP.

Nominations for Chairman are now open to all CFW members and close on Friday 28th February. To nominate yourself email Clare at,

Upon departure Clare George-Hilley said - "I am very proud of what CF Women has achieved in such a short space of time and would like to thank my dedicated and hard-working team who has made all of this possible."

[Register for the AGM]

EXCLUSIVE: Tory MP's Tie The Knot.

Following speculation on TBG in January, Tory MP's Caroline Dineage and Mark Lancaster have finally tied the knot and got married in The House of Commons crypt.

In a somewhat star-studded occasion Caroline was given away by father and ITV Presenter Fred Dineage whilst Humberside MP Graham Stuart was Mr Lancaster's best man, TBG can reveal.

TBG wishes the couple a long and happy time together.

Tory Youth National Chairman Not Selected To Run Race For Camden Council.

OLIVER COOPER, Leader of largest political youth movement in the UK, will not meet his political "ambition" at this years local elections and become a Camden councillor after it sensationally emerged the popular Conservative Future (CF) National Chairman has not been selected by his local association, TBG can exclusively reveal.

Cooper was on the Camden Conservatives' Election "Action Team" for West Hampstead so seemed a shoe-in and it was widely expected that Oliver Cooper would run the race in May.

The decision was apparently made in November or early December last year after activists allege a lack of campaigning by Cooper, according to sources. However, Cooper denies this and told TBG - "I decided to step down as a council candidate on taking over as Hampstead & Kilburn's Deputy Chairman (Political)."

Shortly after Oliver Cooper's election to the helm of CF, an interview with a local Camden rag stated - "It is in Camden that he (Oliver Cooper) is most keen to bring his message, targeting a seat as one of the borough’s councillors in the next council elections. 'I’d love to represent the local area – that is my ambition,' Cooper said."

Tory Party Chairman Shapps Avoids Conservative Future.

We do what we want...

CONSERVATIVE FUTURE (CF) is much like the Conservative Education Society, the Conservative Christian Fellowship or any other listed "link group" on the Party website, according to Tory Party Chairman Grant Shapps.

TBG understands everybody who joins the Conservatives and are 30 or under is automatically listed as Conservative Future in Party membership statistics. At least, this used to be the case.

Indeed if everyone 30 and under is a CF'er then that would have made Grant Shapps one when at the age of 29 he was beaten by Lib Dem Simon Hughes in North Southwark and Bermondsey. At one stage Shapps actually conceded defeat to the Labour candidate rather than eventual winner Hughes, who had just got engaged at the time.

An outraged anonymous CF'er sensationally blasted the Tory Party Chairman telling TBG - "What an idiot. What the f*ck is wrong with him?"

There goes the auto-enrol.

UPDATE >> Tory Party Chairman Shapps Responds to Dismissive Conservative Future Tweet

Parliament In Plot To Seize Conservative Future Crown.


CONSERVATIVE PARTY staff within Parliament are rumoured to be plotting a sensational bid to lead Conservative Future (CF) into the 2015 General Election, TBG can exclusively reveal.

The secret plans kept under lock & key until now show how Conservative Party parliamentary staff want to "keep CF in their own circle in Westminster", according to one inside source.

Originally TBG sources point to former National Chairman candidate Paul Holmes as the prefered choice but say, "he got selected to run in the 2015 General Election to become an MP so a couple of other names are on the air".

Last years CF Best Practice candidate John Cope and a mystery second person are said to be eyeing up the top job.

It's still unclear how such a candidate will be much different from any other London based chairman, which seems to be a prerequisite in recent years to be elected National CF Chairman, other than power will be concentrated within the tiny Westminster bubble.

Another anonymous CF source told TBG - "As a northern CF'er, I have no problem with a London based chairman, as long as they are suitable for the role and do a good job. The problem is with these lot in Parliament, who don't even know the members, they are too busy with their jobs and they won't have time or even probably the inclination once elected to run CF."

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