BBC Comedy Slammed As 'Anti-Jewish Bigotry'.

[VIDEO] BBC Israeli Sketch

THE ZIONIST FEDERATION (ZF) has slammed the BBC for broadcasting a sketch that they say - "Perpetrates the oldest and most baseless stereotypes about Israelis", TBG can reveal.

BBC comedy show 'The Revolution will be Televised' portrayed workmen pretending to be representatives for the Israeli Embassy, informing local property owners that the embassy is taking their land for a variety of reasons - "Mocking Israel for its supposedly expansionist policies" - say the ZF.

The BBC comedy script went on to justify the workmens' actions by saying - "Before it was your land it was our land, so we are really going to take what was rightfully ours. This is our land that was given to us by the Almighty. We’ve been doing it for years."

A ZF spokesperson told TBG that - "One-sided and prejudiced portrayals of Israel contribute to anti-Jewish bigotry."