Tory MP Blasts Hague & Osborne.

Douglas Carswell MP

Foreign Secretary William Hague has today been criticised by a leading Tory eurosceptic for his comments in response to a letter from 95 Conservative MPs calling for Parliament to be given a national veto over current and future EU laws.

In an article for today's Daily Telegraph, Douglas Carswell seeks clarity as regards the PM's promise of a re-negotiation of the EU and 2017 in or out Referendum.

Carswell reckons that if a Prime Minister was going to make such a move he would by now have set out a more clarified way forward. Instead, Carswell says that since the announcement "we have heard nothing."

It's the second time in a day that Carswell has slammed government policy. Speaking on Sky News on Sunday Carswell accused George Osborne of repeating the mistakes made by Gordon Brown as regards what he calls a "recovery on credit".