Tory Council Leader's Conflict of Interest 'Monster Project' Could Leave City Bankrupt.

Peterborough City Council Leader Marco Cereste

PETERBOROUGH residents are furious with Council plans to build a new super solar & wind farm with taxpayer money on the outskirts of the city. The plans, formulated by Tory Council Leader Marco Cereste, have also sensationally been slammed by Tory MP for Peterborough Stewart Jackson, TBG can reveal.

Plans are currently being driven through to build on a Roman site, in an attempt to make Peterborough a tidy profit Cereste claims. A part of the Peterborough Council controversial plan is to initially borrow more than £100 million to build the energy farm, Cereste says that the city will end up with a staggering £30 million profit.

One Peterborough City Council source revealed to TBG their Leader may have a conflict of interest - "Mr Cereste has his fingers in the following pies - Green Energy Parks Limited, Peterborough Renewable Energy Limited, Renewable Technology Consultants Ltd, Green Energy Park Consulting Ltd, Renewable Energy Parks Ltd and Windtech Solutions Ltd."

MP for the City, Stewart Jackson, has said - "There is a chance that this project will be a financial disaster and actually make a loss, and even bankrupt the City of Peterborough. But it’s the way they treated local people, frankly with disdain. I am thoroughly opposed to it."

But Cereste says he doesn't know what Jackson is talking about - "Both Mr Jackson and I received the same report from the company he recommended and suggested. I don’t recognise any of the things that he says from that report. So I really don’t know what he’s talking about."

One worried resident told TBG - "Mr Cereste is speculating with the taxpayers money. Why does he think the council are any better at developing, implementing and running an energy park?

"If such a scheme is capable of making a satisfactory return on investment, then energy companies, whose core business is obviously energy, would be implementing these solar park schemes not only in Peterborough but elsewhere throughout the country."

Tory Energy Minister Greg Barker has also wade in on the argument commenting - "When I hear of monster projects which potentially can turn what is a popular, intuitive and increasingly affordable technology, to turn that into something that is unpopular, that is inappropriate, I become very very worried indeed."