Time For Gerald Vernon-Jackson to Resign.

Following yet another episode of the Lib Dems soap opera on Portsmouth City Council I for one certainly believe it is time for action.

If it wasn't so serious it would be laughable.

Here we have a man in Councillor Gerald Vernon Jackson who has on record stated that the allegations about Mike Hancock are anything from 'political' to 'financially motivated' yet only now, when it comes to the selection process for a prospective parliamentary candidate, takes action.

I have no doubt Cllr Jackson should resign immediately and if as expected he does stand for the Lib Dems in the Portsmouth South seat, then people should remember that this is the same man who has presided over one of the biggest political scandal's and cover-up's in the city's political history. Together, with his past record as a councillor in Newbury should be judged on that record of shame, ineptitude and complete incompetence.