Portsmouth MP Mike Hancock Soap Opera Beggars Belief.

The latest episode of what is fast turning into a soap opera as regards Portsmouth South MP Mike Hancock beggars belief.

It not only brings into question the now untenable positions of Mr. Hancock and Gerald Vernon Jackson but also questions the honesty and integrity of Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats as a whole.

I know for a fact that Clegg knew about what has been going on surrounding Mr. Hancock for longer than he is letting on because it has been running on the Guido Fawkes blog on over sixty occasions since 2010 and the whole of the Westminster establishment are literally glued to it at all times.

So to say that he acted as early as possible or as soon as he was aware of the allegations stinks like a rat.

In my opinion even though I too am a great believer in innocence until proven guilty I am also a great believer in people making their own judgement come the local elections on May 22nd.