Oxford University Israel Society Tory Leader Expels Members Over Dissent.

OXFORD UNIVERSITY (OU) Israel Society President has come under-fire with sensational claims that he is abusing his power after expelling members and refusing some entry to Society General Meetings after publicly attacking his leadership, TBG can reveal.

Recently appointed non-executive officer at Oxford University Conservative Association seems to be ruling the OU Israeli Society with an iron fist, peddling a "one warning rule" policy according to The Oxford Tab.

In one instance, the officer admits that one member who'd already been removed didn't break any rules, then sensationally proclaimed he will banish another member if they did not apologise to him within a day [Right].

Another member was allegedly removed for "questioning the leadership and the character of the society."

According to local reports, in a soviet-style father-knows-best move, the Tory officer seems to have also - "Censored comments for disagreeing with him, restricted attendance of the Society’s elections and removed members from the group for refusing to apologise to him for questioning his leadership."

The OU Israel Society President even accused a local journalist of - "Utter contempt for the State of Israel and Jews more widely" - after questioning the expulsions.

Members are apparently up in arms, blasting their president with comments like - "Refusing access to the General Meeting in this way is a wholly inappropriate way of running a vibrant, diverse and multifaceted Israel society."

And - "You have made a mistake kicking [member] out of the group. Let go of your pride and fix it."

However, the accused remains steadfast saying - "(As for) the General Meeting, I reserve my right at discretion to vet individuals who want to attend."