New Eastern Tory Youth Team Announced to Thwart UKIP.

EASTERN CONSERVATIVE FUTURE (CF) Chairman, Stephen Cannning, has appointed four new team members with responsibility for ensuring the Tories have a "coordinated" response to the Labour and UKIP threat in the region, TBG can reveal.

  • Lina Joseph - as Communications Officer who will work to improve communication between the various levels of CF in the region 
  • Ryan Austin - as Membership Offer who will build an accurate picture of our membership and where it is located 
  • Mo Metcalf-FIsher - as CF Policy Forum co-ordinator who will extend the reach of CF policy forum across the region 
  • George Hopkin - as Deputy Chairman (Political) who will work work on our joint campaigning across the region 

Eastern CF Chairman Stephen Canning told TBG - "I'm delighted to welcome four incredibly hardworking and talented members onto the Eastern Region CF team who will help us to achieve even more as a region in 2014, and ensure we have a strong & coordinated structure across the east."