IDS Slams EU 'Lunacy'.

So, not content with flooding our country with even more economic migrants in January and the ever rising tide of bureaucracy in the workplace, we now hear that the EU are unhappy with current levels of social security benefits in Britain.

Just who do these un-elected, left wing, crypto-communists think they are?

The benefits system in Britain is already at breaking point thanks to the mess the last Labour Government left behind that saw our own youth talent wasted and even now is seeing legitimate claimants wanting a safety net cruelly victimised so the last thing we need is this.

Iain Duncan Smith has every right to speak up on this issue and he is absolutely spot on.

My hope is that he will put this report right under David Cameron's nose as soon as possible and like fellow cabinet euro-sceptic Eric Pickles, highlight it as yet another example to escape this monstrous, crackpot, EU regime.