MP 'Stalker' Back in Court.

Mike Hancock MP

MIKE HANCOCK'S fierce rival Les Cummings is back in court on Monday, TBG can reveal.

The 69-year-old is facing charges of stalking and sending a series of offensive emails to Hancock, delivering offensive leaflets to members of the public about Hancock and causing the MP & local councillor serious alarm that had an adverse effect on his usual day-to-day activities.

It's understood that on Monday a witness list will be drawn up but it's also understood that no plea will to be made.

In a Magistrates Court stalking can carry a maximum term of six months but in a Crown Court this can increase to five years.

Cummings, who stood against Hancock for the Justice and Anti-Corruption Party in 2010 was fined £500 at Southampton Magistrates' Court in February 2011 after making sensational unsubstantiated claims that the MP was a paedophile.

Les Cummings admitted that he had become "obsessed" with the MP and the leaflet was a "vendetta" and a "smear campaign" to discredit Mr Hancock and stop him being re-elected.