EXCLUSIVE: 'Grass Isn't Greener' For 'Kippers After Tory Youth Facebook Group Row.

UKIP & YOUNG INDEPENDENCE (YI) are up in arms today after allegedly being repeatedly added to the Conservative Future (CF) Facebook group in an offensive by the CF National Executive. However, 'Kippers say they have requested that their inclusion in the group come to an end, TBG can reveal.

A anonymous UKIP Councillor & YI member has made a complaint to an influential Tory, that the CF Facebook Group admin has been over-zeleous in adding UKIP members, and "they're not happy".

The names in the screenshot include:
  • Elizabeth Jones - Number 3 on UKIP London Euros list
  • Graham Eardley - Parliamentary Candidate for UKIP
  • Two other grassroots members

TBG's YI source alleges that when they asked the administrator, "Why are you adding half of UKIP to this without their permission?" The admin' said - "It's just a Facebook page, don't be an arse".

An administrator of the group sensationally hit back at the claims saying - "Maybe they've just realised the grass isn't greener on their side of the fence. Afterall, according to the front page of The Times today, Farage said 'UKIP is full of the wrong people'."

Another source said - "It'd probably do UKIP candidates and members some good to maintain sensible political company."


Tory sources have dramatically revealed that the said UKIP members of the Conservative Future Facebook Group were added over a year ago and have not left since.

As well as the two mentioned (right), one other is also alleged to have been added over a year ago and another 6 months ago.