EXPOSED: UKIP Councillor's Plagiarised Column Shocker.

CRAWLEY TORIES seem to have found their mojo and are on the offensive as they have sensationally exposed Tory turned UKIP Councillor Karl Williamson as a copy-and-paste-cat, TBG can reveal.

The earth-shattering revelations came on local Tory Councillor Duncan Crow's blog over the weekend.

Karl Williamson was rejected by Crawley Tories when he was Deputy Leader after a drawn-out spat with Tory Council Leader Bob Lanzer, which led to 98% of the association voting in favour of a 'No Confidence' motion against him and his pal, fellow defector & former Association Chairman Lee Gilroy.

Since then the Crawley Observer has given Williamson column inches in a weekly piece but the articles have dramatically been exposed as a "sham" and seem to have been plagiarised.

The embarrassing proclomation on Councillor Crow's blog listed such articles since their Crawley Observer inception in August 2013.

Crow today slammed Williamson and blasted - "All the evidence presented here (not hearsay like how UKIP find innocent people guilty) clearly shows that Cllr Karl Williamson’s local columns are a sham, and are mostly copied and pasted from national UKIP sources or from Nigel Farage in the Daily Express."