EXCLUSIVE: Protest Planned For Tory MP's Big 'Splash!'

UKIP are sensationally planning to embarrass Tory MP Penny Mordaunt and hold a protest at the Leisure Centre where she launches her bid for the 'Splash!' title next Saturday, TBG can exclusively reveal.

In trying to prevent the MP's ITV appearance from going swimmingly, UKIP today blasted Mordaunt saying she is "behaving in an unprofessional manner" and as a result "will never be taken seriously again". One cynic even accused the Portsmouth North MP of using the event to launch her 2015 re-election campaign.

Some local residents in the Luton area where the programme is being filmed say they may also attend the protest as the pool was apparently promised "for their local community".

Since December the pool has been closed completely for a whole week and now remains closed every Friday & Saturday until the conclusion of Splash!