EXCLUSIVE: Liberal Youth Vote of 'No Confidence' Looms for National Chairman.

LIBERAL YOUTH (LY) Chairman Sarah Harding, could be sensationally challenged in a vote of 'No Confidence' if performance doesn't improve before the Liberals' summer conference, TBG can reveal.

Sources say LY members are furious at the inaction by their Leader and rumours are rife about the content of emails sent by Harding to a member of the Conservative Future National Executive in November.

One disgruntled Lib Dem told TBG - "It seems that Sarah came in on a lot of promises but we have yet to see anything happen. Harding's biggest success of the past year has been 'Front of House at Eastleigh' which she parrots at every moment instead of working."

Conor McKenzie is tipped to take the top job, sources say he has a "5 year plan" to become Chairman.