EXCLUSIVE: Leaked Emails Show How Tory Youth National Deputy Sarah-Jane Sewell Quit 'Left-Wing' SU.

Sarah-Jane Sewell

CONSERVATIVE FUTURE (CF) National Deputy Chairman Sarah-Jane Sewell has sensationally quit her post at London's Royal Halloway Student Union (SURHUL), blasting the union "Left-Wing" and self-serving after backing a strike by teachers, TBG can reveal.

In leaked emails seen by TBG former SURHUL Ethics and Environmental Officer Sewell says that teaching strikes are - "Not beneficial to the student body". The national deputy leader of the Tory youth-wing also raged that she could not support a union that applauded graffiti on public and private property.

The move after 6-months in the role is being seen as a bold move toward a dramatic CF National Chairman bid later this year.