EXCLUSIVE: Cambridge Uni Tory Chairman Offers 'Help' To Rid CF of 'Murky Shadows'.

JAMES MOTTRAM, the Chairman of Cambridge University Conservative Association (CUCA), has made a dramatic & ambiguous statement regarding claims he is planning a slate for the forthcoming national Conservative Future (CF) elections, to defeat what CUCA call CF's "dark forces". Mottram also says he will offer CUCA's services to rid CF of Its "murky shadows", TBG can reveal.

Yesterday, CF on Sunday uncovered CUCA's view on the current form of Conservative Future and how it should change. Today the CUCA Chairman has told TBG he is open to requests for help from struggling CF'ers in - "Bringing them closer to our vision of the world." And is focused on - "Nourishing and defending the dream-world that is CUCA".

Chairman Mottram said - "It was with surprise that this morning I discovered my name being proffered as part of an Anti-Illuminati slate at the next CF election.

"While no right-thinking person would doubt the existence of lizard aliens or their sinister influence on CF, I have always found claims of an Illuminati origin behind CUCA, let alone Illuminati plots still in motion today, to be farfetched. As such my focus naturally lies on nourishing and defending the dream-world that is CUCA, not seeking battle in the murky shadows of CF.

"However it does seem plain to me that as CF struggles on, it would do well to learn from CUCA - I am happy to offer my help in bringing them closer to our vision of the world. As a result I feel compelled to leave my inclination whether or not to cast my hat into the ring thoroughly ambiguous at this early stage."