EXCLUSIVE: Crozier Slams 'Ego-driven' Defectors.

NORTH EAST Chairman of Conservative Future (CF), Callum Crozier, today sensationally slammed grassroots individuals who he claimes are defecting from Parties for little much but their own egos craving the limelight, TBG can reveal.

Crozier blasted - "One thing that annoys me about some grassroots members is the way they announce their defections like they’re MPs or cabinet ministers".

Crozier went on to offer everyone who is considering defecting a kind piece of advice, as he stated - "Here’s a tip for you: If you want to defect (and I imagine you’ll be back very soon) and lose all credibility, don’t announce it like you’re an A-list celebrity. The truth is, no one cares."

His remarks have came after a series of defections between the youth-wings of both UKIP and the Conservatives. The tirade received a wave of support from Conservative Future members, with one London CFer commenting "well said", and Witney CF Chair Liam Walker commenting "I approve this message".

When TBG approached Crozier this afternoon and asked him about his comments, he was unequivocal to the point - "I find it ridiculous that a single self-important individual can seek such publicity for simply cancelling one Party membership, and signing up for another. All the while our hard-working members who are dedicated and loyal, campaigning for 5 hours every Saturday, receive comparatively no recognition for the work they do. It’s ludicrous."

There are also rumours Callum will be running for national office alongside CF’s Mahyar Tousi.