Essex University CF Set to Hold House of Lords Maggie Celebration.

ALMOST ONE YEAR after the Iron Lady's demise, on March 13th 2014, Essex University Conservative Future (CF) will be holding an exclusive and sophisticated evening of tributes & celebration, in the House of Lords to one of the greatest Prime Ministers' Great Britain has ever seen.

‘Memories of Maggie’ "is an opportunity to remember Lady Thatcher’s heritage of enterprise, choice and freedom" - said a CF spokesperson.

The event will be held from 7pm - 9pm in the House of Lords, Cholmondeley Room. Guests are expected to adhere to a dress code of Lounge Suits and Cocktail Dresses. Posh canap├ęs, delicious snacks and a selection of the finest wines will also be served, TBG can reveal.

Kenneth Baker, former Secretary of State for Education and Science and Home Secretary has already been confirmed as a speaker.

Tickets are hot for this event, priced at £40 they are set to be "distributed on a first come first served basis" until the end of the month.

An Essex Uni' CF spokesperson told TBG - "We look forward to joining friends and colleagues in what promises to be a truly spectacular evening."

Essex Uni' CF are using funds donated to them by Baroness Jenkin of Kennington and super-political guru Peter Botting.