Copy-And-Paste Column UKIP Councillor At It Again.

CRAWLEY'S UKIP Councillor Karl Williamson is at it again and has sensationally plagiarised another article in his column for the Crawley Observer.

Tory Councillor Duncan Crow exposed the shocking tactic yet again and told TBG - "The credibility and integrity of UKIP Councillor Karl Williamson and his Crawley Observer local column is in absolute tatters."

The Tory turned UKIP Councillor Williamson was revealed last weekend to be using plagiarised paragraphs for his local column in the Crawley Observer. Tory Cllr Crow contacted the newspaper, without response, only for another plagiarised publication in print appearing just days later.

The latest column came from two separate articles on the UKIP national website. Maybe the only UKIP councillor in Crawley just can't bring himself to explain party policy and Its agenda in his own words.