Clegg Breaks Silence On Hancock Lib Dem Shambles.

Nick Clegg has today spoken in Davos for the first time as regards former Liberal Democrats MP Mike Hancock, TBG can reveal.

Clegg said - "When I was given the specific allegations at the beginning of last year I immediately asked our chief whip to investigate. As a result Mike Hancock ceased to be a Lib Dem MP."

"When those allegations were then supported by the QC's report that has come to light this week again we acted immediately and Mike Hancock has been suspended from the Lib Dems altogether."

"The first time I was given specific allegations was when there was a notification of legal proceedings, which I was informed of at the beginning of last year."

"You can only react to things that are put to you."

"That is when I acted. I acted immediately because I was as appalled as anyone by the seriousness of these allegations."

Sources claim they can smell a rat as Gerald Vernon Jackson is close friends with Vince Cable... Vince Cable sits in Cabinet with Nick Clegg... Surely something must have been said?

Even TBG has been running on Hancock for year and Guido Fawkes even longer.

Clegg is this afternoon being accused of a - "Lack of Leadership".