CF'er Quits Tories Saying 'Some Members Never Mature Out of the Stone Age'.

ACTIVIST Gareth Shanks has found himself without political party membership, again, after quitting the Tories and sensationally suggesting - "They make the Luddites look forward thinking", TBG can reveal.

Shanks quit UKIP & defected to the Tories in 2013 after a furious row erupted over his out-spoken views and an alleged breakdown in his relationship with party director Neil Hamilton.

On departure from the Tory Party today, Gareth disclosed to TBG that he was - "Sick of the constant bickering and infighting in Conservative Future, not to mention that some members never seem to mature out of the stone age. I should never have joined in the first place."

"But, I did meet some amazing people, just don't want to be active in a party that is actively working against my interests" - Shanks added.