Cameron Blitz on Migrant Benefits.

So, we are now told that the Prime Minister is to announce a blitz on benefits for migrants children living abroad.

Could somebody kindly tell me where the Prime Minister has been for the last four years?

This has been something that has been going on in Britain since well before the last General Election.

The sad fact of the matter is that the only reason why the Prime Minister has announced this blitz is not because of the expected invasion of Romanian and Bulgarians expected to claim these benefits but because the Prime Minister is desperately trying to avoid his party being battered by the UK Independence Party in the forthcoming European Elections.

Mr Cameron is doing exactly what Tony Blair did when he was in office as far as immigration is concerned.

Its a well known fact that there is opposition to this clampdown from the Lib Dems within the coalition so even if Mr Cameron wanted to outlaw this sort of thing he would need an outright Conservative majority in order to do so.

If Mr Cameron had any idea of the sense of British feeling on the issue he would listen to the findings of a recent YouGov survey that revealed that banning all immigrants from claiming for two years was the most popular of 16 ­various policies put to the public and tell Nick Clegg that he wants to end the coalition, have a General Election on the same day as the European Elections in May this year and let the people have their say in a referendum on the EU shortly afterwards.