'A Load of Psychobabble' - A UKIP View on Learning Disabilities.

UKIP MEMBERS have alienated yet another set of voters through offensive, non-fact based commentary, as the party leadership attempts to distance itself from controversial messages posted by party members over attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) & learning disabilities.

The outrageous comments took place on UKIP's official national messaging board. Stephen Wilders, Chairman of UKIP's local branch in Dartford, openly mocked the condition as "mostly psychobabble to keep lefties in jobs".

Another UKIP activist from Gillingham also dismissed the behavioural disorder as "a load of psychobabble", TBG can reveal.

"All I hear about now are disorders that mean children need special care. The only special care I and all my peers received was a telling off from the teacher followed by another telling off from my parents" - added the activist.

Although ADHD can occur in people of any intellectual ability, many people with ADHD have learning difficulties. Charities today slammed the comments and have warned the UKIP's remarks only serve to "add to the stigma" for people with ADHD.

Kathleen Garner, secretary of UKIP's Croydon branch, suggested that young children suffering from ADHD were just "naughty", and blamed signs of ADHD or dyslexia on parents not feeding them properly or poor teaching.

"We had the odd 'naughty' child in class, but that was usually just the one and it was clear their parents neglected them. The same goes for dyslexia" - added Garner.