2013 Was The Start of a Big Shake up in British Politics.

So, it seems as though I am not the only person who believes that 2013 was the start of a big shake up in British politics. As the 2013 Local Elections proved, people up and down the land are fed up with the current crisis of powerlessness we continue to see in the coalition.

2013 saw a rise of 13,000 new members in the UK Independence Party whilst Conservative Party membership has fallen from 253,600 in 2005 to less than 134,000 now and even Red Ed Miliband's Labour Party membership fell to 187,537 according to the Electoral Commission.

But 2013 is not by any means where the battle for the political hearts and souls of euro-sceptics like myself should end.

For, as Nigel Farage has said on so many occasions, people should use the May 2014 European Elections to show their support for Ukip even more and do everything possible to turn these elections for the European Parliament into a quasi-referendum on EU membership once and for all.