15 Year Old Elected as a Tory Youth Chairman.

WORCESTERSHIRE Conservative Future (CF) have sensationally elected 15 year old Robert Porter deputy area chairman and political chairman, the youngest person in the UK to hold such positions, TBG can reveal.

Rising star Robert says he wants CF to help people in his local community with "a variety of initiatives" including offering support to food banks and soup kitchens.

Fresh faced Robert said - "I am incredibly excited that I have been given the opportunity to help a cause about which I feel strongly, especially given that, at present, I am the youngest in the country to hold such a position."

"I will be offering the services of Conservative Future to locally run soup kitchens and food banks. I strongly believe that I am incredibly fortunate to have been given one of the best starts in life and now I would like to give something back to help the most needy in our society."