EXCLUSIVE: Andrew Pelling Launches Luxury Spring Clothing Range.

ANDREW PELLING has sensationally launched a new selection of Spring clothing, including track suits, shell suits and hoodies. The popular online retail outlet, Andrew Pelling: Men’s Clothing at Discount Prices offers customer discounts on the finest in global fashion and is expected to go down well with shoppers on the lookout for the latest Spring garments.

The respected retail store is however not to be confused with scandal-prone Croydon Labour candidate Andrew Pelling, famous for his endless controversial antics - most recently issuing legal threats against members of his own party.

However, Mr Pelling’s estranged ex-wife Lucy once claimed that her former husband did indeed have ambitions to sell clothing, including tack suits, for a living.

Speaking to a national newspaper, Mrs Pelling said her husband has no respect for his constituents and often joked he would open a shop called Chavs of Croydon. "He thought it would be funny to sell fake Burberry, shell suits, scrunchies and Staffordshire bull terrier accessories," she told the paper.

IDS Slams EU 'Lunacy'.

So, not content with flooding our country with even more economic migrants in January and the ever rising tide of bureaucracy in the workplace, we now hear that the EU are unhappy with current levels of social security benefits in Britain.

Just who do these un-elected, left wing, crypto-communists think they are?

The benefits system in Britain is already at breaking point thanks to the mess the last Labour Government left behind that saw our own youth talent wasted and even now is seeing legitimate claimants wanting a safety net cruelly victimised so the last thing we need is this.

Iain Duncan Smith has every right to speak up on this issue and he is absolutely spot on.

My hope is that he will put this report right under David Cameron's nose as soon as possible and like fellow cabinet euro-sceptic Eric Pickles, highlight it as yet another example to escape this monstrous, crackpot, EU regime.

Parliament Street Set for High-Speed Debate Inside Houses of Parliament.

PARLIAMENT STREET will be joined by the esteemed former Minister for London Transport Steve Norris and railway journalist & historian Christian Wolmar tonight inside the Houses of Parliament London in a pacey debate on the HS2 rail proposals, TBG can reveal.

As some try to de-rail goveremnt plans one of Britain's most rapidly advancing and influential think tanks, Parliament Street, will be asking if HS2 is a waste of public money or a necessary investment in national infrastructure?

The event will take place in the sophisticated surroundings of the Palace of Westminster tonight (Weds, 29/01/14) at 7pm.

A source told TBG - "Once again Parliament Street is on track to host another high profile event with top quality speakers on an issue of critical importance to Britain’s transport network."

Hancock on Euro Jolly While Claiming He's Too Ill to Work.

What kind of mugs do the Liberal Democrats take the people of Portsmouth for?

We were told in The Newslast night that Mike Hancock was "too ill" to speak to journalists as regards the ongoing alleged sex scandal.

Yet according to the blog 'Political Scrapbook' Mr Hancock signed in to a jolly on the same day is Strasbourg.

Do people like Mr Hancock really have to fall to such poor levels of incompetence?

EXCLUSIVE: 'Grass Isn't Greener' For 'Kippers After Tory Youth Facebook Group Row.

UKIP & YOUNG INDEPENDENCE (YI) are up in arms today after allegedly being repeatedly added to the Conservative Future (CF) Facebook group in an offensive by the CF National Executive. However, 'Kippers say they have requested that their inclusion in the group come to an end, TBG can reveal.

A anonymous UKIP Councillor & YI member has made a complaint to an influential Tory, that the CF Facebook Group admin has been over-zeleous in adding UKIP members, and "they're not happy".

The names in the screenshot include:
  • Elizabeth Jones - Number 3 on UKIP London Euros list
  • Graham Eardley - Parliamentary Candidate for UKIP
  • Two other grassroots members

TBG's YI source alleges that when they asked the administrator, "Why are you adding half of UKIP to this without their permission?" The admin' said - "It's just a Facebook page, don't be an arse".

An administrator of the group sensationally hit back at the claims saying - "Maybe they've just realised the grass isn't greener on their side of the fence. Afterall, according to the front page of The Times today, Farage said 'UKIP is full of the wrong people'."

Another source said - "It'd probably do UKIP candidates and members some good to maintain sensible political company."


Tory sources have dramatically revealed that the said UKIP members of the Conservative Future Facebook Group were added over a year ago and have not left since.

As well as the two mentioned (right), one other is also alleged to have been added over a year ago and another 6 months ago.

Queen Going Broke With Just £1M Left in Coffers.

QUEEN ELIZABETH II is down to her last million pounds the House of Commons’ Public Accounts Committee has revealed as they slammed the Queen’s advisers for poor financial handling & overspending, TBG can reveal.

The Queen's coffers have sunk to an "historic low" after the amount sat comfortably at £35m in 2001. The Committee argued that advisers should adopt austerity measures in a fashion aligned with government policy.

A Buckingham Palace spokesperson claimed that the royal household had doubled its income since 2007 and that repairing the royal palaces was "a significant financial priority" after two have turned to squalor in the past few years.

Time For Gerald Vernon-Jackson to Resign.

Following yet another episode of the Lib Dems soap opera on Portsmouth City Council I for one certainly believe it is time for action.

If it wasn't so serious it would be laughable.

Here we have a man in Councillor Gerald Vernon Jackson who has on record stated that the allegations about Mike Hancock are anything from 'political' to 'financially motivated' yet only now, when it comes to the selection process for a prospective parliamentary candidate, takes action.

I have no doubt Cllr Jackson should resign immediately and if as expected he does stand for the Lib Dems in the Portsmouth South seat, then people should remember that this is the same man who has presided over one of the biggest political scandal's and cover-up's in the city's political history. Together, with his past record as a councillor in Newbury should be judged on that record of shame, ineptitude and complete incompetence.

Hancock Saved By His Wife as Vernon-Jackson Prepares to Fight Seat.

CALLS are growing that a re-run of the ballot to determine Mike Hancock's future on the Portsmouth City Council Cabinet should take place after it emerged that he was saved from the sack by his own wife, TBG can reveal.

It can be confirmed that the actual result of the ballot was a 10-10 draw with Mrs Hancock being sensationally allowed a vote.

Interestingly, Council Leader Gerald Vernon-Jackson voted for Hancock to be kicked off the Cabinet despite the huge amount of public support shown over the years.

Hancock is still disputing the fact that he has been de-selected from his Portsmouth South seat.

The sitting MP can no longer apply to be on the Lib Dems' candidates list because of his suspension from the party which is currently in the process of choosing all of its council and parliamentary candidates for the city.

Despite Gerald Vernon-Jackson being the bookies favourite for selection in the south seat, TBG sources say that they would not be surprised if the local party had a "clear-out" and "fresh start" instead.

EXCLUSIVE: Cambridge Uni Tory Chairman Offers 'Help' To Rid CF of 'Murky Shadows'.

JAMES MOTTRAM, the Chairman of Cambridge University Conservative Association (CUCA), has made a dramatic & ambiguous statement regarding claims he is planning a slate for the forthcoming national Conservative Future (CF) elections, to defeat what CUCA call CF's "dark forces". Mottram also says he will offer CUCA's services to rid CF of Its "murky shadows", TBG can reveal.

Yesterday, CF on Sunday uncovered CUCA's view on the current form of Conservative Future and how it should change. Today the CUCA Chairman has told TBG he is open to requests for help from struggling CF'ers in - "Bringing them closer to our vision of the world." And is focused on - "Nourishing and defending the dream-world that is CUCA".

Chairman Mottram said - "It was with surprise that this morning I discovered my name being proffered as part of an Anti-Illuminati slate at the next CF election.

"While no right-thinking person would doubt the existence of lizard aliens or their sinister influence on CF, I have always found claims of an Illuminati origin behind CUCA, let alone Illuminati plots still in motion today, to be farfetched. As such my focus naturally lies on nourishing and defending the dream-world that is CUCA, not seeking battle in the murky shadows of CF.

"However it does seem plain to me that as CF struggles on, it would do well to learn from CUCA - I am happy to offer my help in bringing them closer to our vision of the world. As a result I feel compelled to leave my inclination whether or not to cast my hat into the ring thoroughly ambiguous at this early stage."

Mike Hancock MP Dumped as Portsmouth South Lib Dem Parliamentary Candidate.

PORTSMOUTH SOUTH Liberal Democrats have dumped scandal prone Mike Hancock as their parliamentary candidate an decided to search for a new representative for the 2015 General Election, TBG can reveal.

The move comes after a Portsmouth Lib Dems Councillor, Eleanor Scot, sensationally quit yesterday over a vote that allowed Mike Hancock MP to keep is cabinet position on the Lib Dem Council, even though he has had his Party membership revoked.

Hancock slammed the decision by his colleagues telling local reporters - "I’ll make the decision whether I stand as an MP or not when I decide, not when people are trying to make a decision when they know it will be impossible for me to be involved in it.

"I don’t think that it’s a very fair thing to do. I’d have thought they at least owed me that to wait for the civil case."

More revelations came yesterday when The Sunday Express exposed numerous counts of alleged incompetence against Hampshire Police with regards to the Mike Hancock fiasco.

The alleged victim revealed that even before investigating the police warned the her that she was up against it in terms of getting a conviction.

Reports also allege that Hampshire Police failed to provide private facilities to the woman in order to go over the claims, failed to take proper action in regards to details of Hancock's body, and even had faulty equipment when they visited the victim.

It's being seen as yet another blow to the integrity of the force which has today led to calls for Scotland Yard to re-investigate the allegations.

Portsmouth MP Mike Hancock Soap Opera Beggars Belief.

The latest episode of what is fast turning into a soap opera as regards Portsmouth South MP Mike Hancock beggars belief.

It not only brings into question the now untenable positions of Mr. Hancock and Gerald Vernon Jackson but also questions the honesty and integrity of Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats as a whole.

I know for a fact that Clegg knew about what has been going on surrounding Mr. Hancock for longer than he is letting on because it has been running on the Guido Fawkes blog on over sixty occasions since 2010 and the whole of the Westminster establishment are literally glued to it at all times.

So to say that he acted as early as possible or as soon as he was aware of the allegations stinks like a rat.

In my opinion even though I too am a great believer in innocence until proven guilty I am also a great believer in people making their own judgement come the local elections on May 22nd.

CUCA Set To Field Candidates Against CF Illuminati Aliens.


A SENIOR Cambridge University Conservative Association (CUCA) official has sensationally spilled the beans over rumours that a former member of the association could be in the running for Conservative Future (CF) National Chairman, TBG can reveal.

Election whispers about a Mr Zemlik of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, and a former member of the distinguished Cambridge University Conservative Association are rife and one top-dog has dramatically exposed the powerful dark forces within CF bringing ever-closer its own "demise". He claims CUCA plan to bring down these shadowy figures in order to save the Tory party and the world, exclusively on TBG.

Our cloaked source revealed to TBG that the Cambridge University Conservative Association is:

  • Fraternity of like-minded individuals 
  • Seeking to restore the divine light of natural reason to the world 
  • To restore the world to its former glory - A glory that preceded the ravages of globalisation moral relativism and inane technological advancement

He then went into some enlightening detail - "For some time now, there have been hushed rumours, murmurs, whispers among certain senior members of CUCA that the reason for CF's spectacular demise from a once influential youth organisation to a band of bickering juveniles is that it is in the grip of the Illuminati, an Enlightenment-era secret society turned rogue.

"It has been alleged that the Illuminati are seeking to make CF so unappealing and unprofessional that all the non-Illuminati members will quit in disgust either to establish their own Conservative youth organisation or to join Young Independence, leaving CF manned solely by a rump of dedicated Illuminati. Thence, they will re-build the organisation, using its leverage on the Conservative Party proper to put forward Illuminati candidates in certain safe seats in time for the 2020 elections.

"This line of reasoning, reached unanimously by the best intellects CUCA has to offer, clearly explains why individuals so repulsive to the majority of CF-ers, let alone Conservative voters, are continuously being elected to positions of national prominence within the organisation.

"What is CUCA's role in this saga, you may ask? CUCA was founded at the dawn of the twentieth century by a group of Illuminati members who believed that the Illuminati as a whole had become corrupted. They believed that the Illuminati had been infiltrated by lizard aliens from another planet who proceeded to turn the organisation away from the cause of truth and towards world domination; as such, CUCA is not merely a Conservative society but, at its core, is a fraternity of people dedicated to restoring the light of divine reason to the world, a light which the alien lizards now running the Illuminati wish to flush out. 

"Johnny Zemlik and Chairman James Mottram, the two great wardens of our order, have been watching events in CF closely and with increasing concern. They realise that there is not much time left before the whole of CF becomes an Illuminati-front and, thus, before the British government falls victim to the clutches of these avaricious lizard aliens.

"As a result, they have both been considering running for positions on the CF National Executive to fight the Illuminati from within and restore CF to its former glory. I can say no more: forces malign examine my every move, the lizards know that CUCA is on to them and will do all in its power to stop them."

Would you like to take part in 'CF on Sunday'? Email; tips@theblueguerilla.co.uk

EXCLUSIVE: [PIC] Hancock And The Boys.

(From left) Drag queen Miss Jason, late Lib Dim Councillor & convicted paedophile Peter Hawksworth and Mike Hancock MP
MP & COUNCILLOR Mike Hancock used to keep quite esteemed company in the 1990's, it would seem, as this picture shows him alongside late Lib Dem Portsmouth City Cllr Peter Hawksworth who was convicted in 2001 of sex attacks on "two vulnerable boys", TBG can sensationally reveal.

The snap which comes from an old Lib Dem 'Focus' leaflet will add to the unhelpful and embarrassing revelations for Mike Hancock MP, after a report into his alleged conduct toward a vulnerable constituent whilst acting as a local councillor was leaked to media this week.

Last night Lib Dems voted for Hancock to keep his cabinet position at Portsmouth City Council, which is being seen as a challenege to Nick Clegg's authority after having the MP suspended from the Party.

Clegg Breaks Silence On Hancock Lib Dem Shambles.

Nick Clegg has today spoken in Davos for the first time as regards former Liberal Democrats MP Mike Hancock, TBG can reveal.

Clegg said - "When I was given the specific allegations at the beginning of last year I immediately asked our chief whip to investigate. As a result Mike Hancock ceased to be a Lib Dem MP."

"When those allegations were then supported by the QC's report that has come to light this week again we acted immediately and Mike Hancock has been suspended from the Lib Dems altogether."

"The first time I was given specific allegations was when there was a notification of legal proceedings, which I was informed of at the beginning of last year."

"You can only react to things that are put to you."

"That is when I acted. I acted immediately because I was as appalled as anyone by the seriousness of these allegations."

Sources claim they can smell a rat as Gerald Vernon Jackson is close friends with Vince Cable... Vince Cable sits in Cabinet with Nick Clegg... Surely something must have been said?

Even TBG has been running on Hancock for year and Guido Fawkes even longer.

Clegg is this afternoon being accused of a - "Lack of Leadership".

Lib Dem Cronies Continue to Back Hancock.

Despite calls for his head from the opposition in Portsmouth, Mike and Gerald's colleagues still back him.

These are the latest quotes from Lib Dem councillors questioned over the debacle:

  • Les Stevens - "As far as I am concerned we went through the right process having took legal advice."
  • David Fuller  - "With all this happening we need to talk around the table."
  • Margaret Foster - "Everyone is innocent until proven guilty."
  • Lee Hunt - says it is too serious a matter to comment on.
  • Hugh Mason - "I shall listen to what people will say and then make my mind up."

UPDATE >> Clegg Breaks Silence On Hancock Lib Dem Shambles

Tories Call on Lib Dem Hancock Council Leader to Resign Over 'Cover-up'.

CONSERVATIVES' in Portsmouth are today calling for Gerald Vernon Jackson to resign as Leader of Portsmouth City Council.

TBG can reveal that the Leader of the Conservative Group, Donna Jones, yesterday penned a letter calling for his resignation for, "failing to act in his duty to protect the public by allowing Mike Hancock access to vulnerable adults."

Councillor Jones said - "He ignored pleas from the public and opposition leaders to do the right thing for the protection of the public and suspend Mike Hancock with immediate effect."

The Council Leader responded - "There will be a discussion by the (Liberal Democrat) Group."

Mr Jackson, who won the Milton Ward almost two years ago went on "The law says that I am elected for four years and I am in my second year."

Portsmouth City Council are currently in the High Court contesting an application from Hancock's alleged victim for the report to be used in civil evidence against him.

[READ] FULL STATEMENT - Opposition Leaders Call For Portsmouth City Council Boss To Quit over Hancock Coverup

EXCLUSIVE: Leaked Emails Show How Tory Youth National Deputy Sarah-Jane Sewell Quit 'Left-Wing' SU.

Sarah-Jane Sewell

CONSERVATIVE FUTURE (CF) National Deputy Chairman Sarah-Jane Sewell has sensationally quit her post at London's Royal Halloway Student Union (SURHUL), blasting the union "Left-Wing" and self-serving after backing a strike by teachers, TBG can reveal.

In leaked emails seen by TBG former SURHUL Ethics and Environmental Officer Sewell says that teaching strikes are - "Not beneficial to the student body". The national deputy leader of the Tory youth-wing also raged that she could not support a union that applauded graffiti on public and private property.

The move after 6-months in the role is being seen as a bold move toward a dramatic CF National Chairman bid later this year.

PM Could Face Immigration Backbench Rebellion.

DAVID CAMERON may be set to face a fresh rebellion on the Immigration Bill which returns to the Commons next week, TBG can reveal.

TBG sources say that up to seventy Tory backbenchers may rebel and support Nigel Mills' call for Romanians and Bulgarians to be subject to greater controls than the new relaxed rules.

Tory backbenchers have mostly piped down recently after rising Conservative Party poll ratings and excellent economic news.

Lib Dem Hancock Suspended After Devastating Sex Report Leaked Online.

LIBERAL DEMOCRATS in Portsmouth last night rejected a motion to disclose a damning Council report into Councillor & Portsmouth South MP Mike Hancock's conduct and sensational allegations of sexual harassment toward a vulnerable constituent, only for it to be leaked online today, TBG can reveal.

The constituent went to Hancock for help about unruly neighbours, but alleges:

  • "He exposed himself, (asked) could I give him a quick w*nk, he said he wasn't very big"
  •  Hancock said he didn't think she had mental health issues and "just needed self-confidence", offered to do reflexology on her feet whilst they drank wine
  • Told constituent he was "feeling horny" 
  • Asked if the complainants sex-life "was any good" with her previous partners 
  •  "Kept topping (my) wine up" and ran his fingers through her hair whilst on a visit to House of Commons 
  •  Divulged information about his alleged sexual exploits to constituent 
  •  Told her she "had a dirty laugh"

Though a Council committee accepted the report and say Hancock breached Its code of conduct, he was not suspended by the Lib Dems and police decided not to take any action over the constituents claims. However, the MP is currently involved in a High Court civil dispute over the allegations.

Mike Hancock MP says the report is one-sided and denies all the allegations.

[READ] Pascoe Report In Full

UPDATE: Mike Hancock MP has been suspended as a Liberal Democrat Councillor

15 Year Old Elected as a Tory Youth Chairman.

WORCESTERSHIRE Conservative Future (CF) have sensationally elected 15 year old Robert Porter deputy area chairman and political chairman, the youngest person in the UK to hold such positions, TBG can reveal.

Rising star Robert says he wants CF to help people in his local community with "a variety of initiatives" including offering support to food banks and soup kitchens.

Fresh faced Robert said - "I am incredibly excited that I have been given the opportunity to help a cause about which I feel strongly, especially given that, at present, I am the youngest in the country to hold such a position."

"I will be offering the services of Conservative Future to locally run soup kitchens and food banks. I strongly believe that I am incredibly fortunate to have been given one of the best starts in life and now I would like to give something back to help the most needy in our society."

Lib Dems Reject Disclosing Hancock Sexual Harassment QC Report.

PORTSMOUTH Council have tonight sensationally backed Mike Hancock MP at a Full Council meeting and rejected a motion to make public a QC's report into sexual harassment claims against the MP, despite another adverse report about the MP being published in the Sunday Express earlier this week, TBG can reveal.

Sources say there were cries of "shame" from the public gallery as Lib Dem Councillor Darren Sanders and Council Leader Gerald Vernon Jackson stood by their man and rejected the motion, whilst probing counter arguments were put by both Tory Cllr Luke Stubbs and Labour Group Leader & Portsmouth North PPC John Ferrett.

Sanders told the council that the Pascoe Report should wait for the courtroom and not the papers.

However, with a number of national journalists at the meeting they're words that seem very unlikely to be heeded.

Lib Dem Rennard Seeks Injunction While Pompey Lib Dems Continue to Back Hancock.

Things are not looking good for the Lib Dems at all today. Lord Rennard is in contact with legal advisers now seeking a court injunction to lift his suspension from the Lib Dems over sexual harassment claims, TBG can reveal.

At the same time the Lib Dem controlled Portsmouth City Council are this afternoon set to, yet again, stand by Mike Hancock MP by voting down a motion calling for the release of the 'Pascoe QC Report' into claims of sexual harassment by the MP.

If ever their was a day for Nick Clegg to go and bang his head against a brick wall it surely is today. It seems as though things are going from bad to worse.

UPDATE: Lib Dems Reject Disclosing Hancock Sexual Harassment QC Report

Whitehall No Longer Forced to Fly European Union Flag.

I commend Eric Pickles for making sure that Whitehall departments will no longer be forced to fly the European Union flag.

Let's hope that the re-negotiation that led to these actions is just the start.

For thirteen long years under the last Labour Government businesses up and down the land had to put up with silly petty laws which not just cost fortunes in financial waste to implement but also at the end of the day put private sector jobs at risk.

Might I suggest that Mr Pickles now pass on his euro-sceptic baton to the Prime Minister to dig up this whole petty issue of communist EU laws from the political long grass once and for all. Then declare war on bureaucracy and eventually give the people an escape route back to the freedom of running our own country and making our own laws far away from the EU dictators.

New Eastern Tory Youth Team Announced to Thwart UKIP.

EASTERN CONSERVATIVE FUTURE (CF) Chairman, Stephen Cannning, has appointed four new team members with responsibility for ensuring the Tories have a "coordinated" response to the Labour and UKIP threat in the region, TBG can reveal.

  • Lina Joseph - as Communications Officer who will work to improve communication between the various levels of CF in the region 
  • Ryan Austin - as Membership Offer who will build an accurate picture of our membership and where it is located 
  • Mo Metcalf-FIsher - as CF Policy Forum co-ordinator who will extend the reach of CF policy forum across the region 
  • George Hopkin - as Deputy Chairman (Political) who will work work on our joint campaigning across the region 

Eastern CF Chairman Stephen Canning told TBG - "I'm delighted to welcome four incredibly hardworking and talented members onto the Eastern Region CF team who will help us to achieve even more as a region in 2014, and ensure we have a strong & coordinated structure across the east."

EXCLUSIVE: Tory Youth Leader Hopeful Seeks Support With Massive Pledge.


CONSERVATIVE FUTURE (CF) National Chairman wannabe Matthew Wilson is to set up an exploratory committee to see if there is any possibility of a sensational victory over his fellow CF colleagues & rivals, TBG can reveal.

TBG caught up with Wilson after he gained 2.8% support in a recent poll on CF national chairman voting intentions and asked him if he was surprised by even featuring in the poll.

"No. In fact the recent poll that put my position as a contender to become the next Conservative Future Chair at 2.8% has made me think about the possibilities of becoming a prominent CF Chairman.

"I believe that we face tough and gruelling challenges in the future, we will have to confront the scarcity of originality in CF and of course we will need to create more rhetoric, so much more that even Grant Shapps will turn around and say that we are too party political."

TBG can exclusively reveal five development policies & pledges from the Matthew Wilson camp.
  • Stop all natural disasters, sexual harassment and everything evil in the world so Tara Hewitt can't make political gain out of it
  • All the national executive meetings need to be denim on denim
  • Have a competition to draw a CF mascot - including a 'Blue Gorilla' suit
  • Elected First Lady    
  • To actually have a Christmas party, at Christmas

Wilson went on to confirm his campaign committee - "Taking it all into consideration, I have created my very own exploratory committee to see if there is a hunger for a Matthew Wilson for CF Chair' campaign.
"This 2.8% that I obtained from the poll, which is effectively 9 people and a Siberian Husky that voted for me, has given me the boost to start exploring the realms of a possible campaign. 

"I mean, 18.1% of the poll said that they wouldn’t vote for the people that were suggested, they don’t know me, they don’t know my story. If they knew that I was nurtured by a pack of wolves then they would realise that I could be a good Chairman.

"I think I can take on Colonel Cooper and his fried chicken army.

"Up to now, I have a Petri dish of alga, a mountain biker and a part-time office cleaner sitting on my committee and I am of course looking for more people."

Would you like to take part in 'CF on Sunday'? Email; tips@theblueguerilla.co.uk

Oxford University Israel Society Tory Leader Expels Members Over Dissent.

OXFORD UNIVERSITY (OU) Israel Society President has come under-fire with sensational claims that he is abusing his power after expelling members and refusing some entry to Society General Meetings after publicly attacking his leadership, TBG can reveal.

Recently appointed non-executive officer at Oxford University Conservative Association seems to be ruling the OU Israeli Society with an iron fist, peddling a "one warning rule" policy according to The Oxford Tab.

In one instance, the officer admits that one member who'd already been removed didn't break any rules, then sensationally proclaimed he will banish another member if they did not apologise to him within a day [Right].

Another member was allegedly removed for "questioning the leadership and the character of the society."

According to local reports, in a soviet-style father-knows-best move, the Tory officer seems to have also - "Censored comments for disagreeing with him, restricted attendance of the Society’s elections and removed members from the group for refusing to apologise to him for questioning his leadership."

The OU Israel Society President even accused a local journalist of - "Utter contempt for the State of Israel and Jews more widely" - after questioning the expulsions.

Members are apparently up in arms, blasting their president with comments like - "Refusing access to the General Meeting in this way is a wholly inappropriate way of running a vibrant, diverse and multifaceted Israel society."

And - "You have made a mistake kicking [member] out of the group. Let go of your pride and fix it."

However, the accused remains steadfast saying - "(As for) the General Meeting, I reserve my right at discretion to vet individuals who want to attend."

Essex University CF Set to Hold House of Lords Maggie Celebration.

ALMOST ONE YEAR after the Iron Lady's demise, on March 13th 2014, Essex University Conservative Future (CF) will be holding an exclusive and sophisticated evening of tributes & celebration, in the House of Lords to one of the greatest Prime Ministers' Great Britain has ever seen.

‘Memories of Maggie’ "is an opportunity to remember Lady Thatcher’s heritage of enterprise, choice and freedom" - said a CF spokesperson.

The event will be held from 7pm - 9pm in the House of Lords, Cholmondeley Room. Guests are expected to adhere to a dress code of Lounge Suits and Cocktail Dresses. Posh canap├ęs, delicious snacks and a selection of the finest wines will also be served, TBG can reveal.

Kenneth Baker, former Secretary of State for Education and Science and Home Secretary has already been confirmed as a speaker.

Tickets are hot for this event, priced at £40 they are set to be "distributed on a first come first served basis" until the end of the month.

An Essex Uni' CF spokesperson told TBG - "We look forward to joining friends and colleagues in what promises to be a truly spectacular evening."

Essex Uni' CF are using funds donated to them by Baroness Jenkin of Kennington and super-political guru Peter Botting.


EXCLUSIVE: Incumbent Cooper Tops Tory Youth Poll.

CONSERVATIVE FUTURE (CF) have taken part in the latest survey to gauge voting intention for this year's national elections with current Chairman Oliver Cooper sensationally topping the poll with a whopping 24.3%.

Parliament Street communications guru Frank Manning came in 3rd spot with 10% after the 'None of the Above' (18.1%) option, with London CF'er Mahyar Tousi trailing in 4th spot on 7.8&%.

It seems candidates have alot to do to gain votes from their fellow CF'ers. And let's not pretend that process has not already begun.

Sample included 350 participants.

'A Load of Psychobabble' - A UKIP View on Learning Disabilities.

UKIP MEMBERS have alienated yet another set of voters through offensive, non-fact based commentary, as the party leadership attempts to distance itself from controversial messages posted by party members over attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) & learning disabilities.

The outrageous comments took place on UKIP's official national messaging board. Stephen Wilders, Chairman of UKIP's local branch in Dartford, openly mocked the condition as "mostly psychobabble to keep lefties in jobs".

Another UKIP activist from Gillingham also dismissed the behavioural disorder as "a load of psychobabble", TBG can reveal.

"All I hear about now are disorders that mean children need special care. The only special care I and all my peers received was a telling off from the teacher followed by another telling off from my parents" - added the activist.

Although ADHD can occur in people of any intellectual ability, many people with ADHD have learning difficulties. Charities today slammed the comments and have warned the UKIP's remarks only serve to "add to the stigma" for people with ADHD.

Kathleen Garner, secretary of UKIP's Croydon branch, suggested that young children suffering from ADHD were just "naughty", and blamed signs of ADHD or dyslexia on parents not feeding them properly or poor teaching.

"We had the odd 'naughty' child in class, but that was usually just the one and it was clear their parents neglected them. The same goes for dyslexia" - added Garner.

Copy-And-Paste Column UKIP Councillor At It Again.

CRAWLEY'S UKIP Councillor Karl Williamson is at it again and has sensationally plagiarised another article in his column for the Crawley Observer.

Tory Councillor Duncan Crow exposed the shocking tactic yet again and told TBG - "The credibility and integrity of UKIP Councillor Karl Williamson and his Crawley Observer local column is in absolute tatters."

The Tory turned UKIP Councillor Williamson was revealed last weekend to be using plagiarised paragraphs for his local column in the Crawley Observer. Tory Cllr Crow contacted the newspaper, without response, only for another plagiarised publication in print appearing just days later.

The latest column came from two separate articles on the UKIP national website. Maybe the only UKIP councillor in Crawley just can't bring himself to explain party policy and Its agenda in his own words.

UKIP U-Turn Over Tory MP Splash! Protest.

UKIP have today sensationally back-tracked from staging a protest at the leisure pool holding the ITV Splash! Contest, TBG can reveal.

Earlier this week a source told TBG that UKIP were planning the protest after anger from locals denied entry to their "community" swimming pool and concern at an MP going on reality television.

However, after a tidal wave of support for the MP in question it seems as though our source has gone to ground and TBG has even heard from a UKIP regional press to categorically deny any party connection to the planned protest.

"I wish to make it clear that the protest, if it goes ahead, has not been officially sanctioned or organised by UKIP either regionally or nationally" - said a UKIP regional spokesperson.

UKIP Set to Launch Euro Campaign Next Month.

UKIP will launch their European Elections Campaign in Torbay on February 28th, TBG can exclusively reveal.

Nigel Farage will fire the starting pistol with a call for voters to sensationally treat the election as a quasi EU Referendum.

The party are in second place in yesterday's poll for The Sun two points ahead of the Tories.

Blogger Iain Dale last night told the Sky Paper Review with former Home Secretary Jaqcui Smith that he expects the Tories to finish third but UKIP to top the poll on the basis of a high turn out.

EXCLUSIVE: Splash! MP Star Set for Audacious Dive.

TWO DAYS to go before Portsmouth North MP Penny Mordaunt begins her quest for the Splash! title and TBG can exclusively reveal her plan of action.

Its understood Penny will be attempting a dive never attempted on the show before called a "back dive straight".

TBG can also reveal that such is the audacity of the attempt, Penny has had to have no less than TWELVE sessions of trampoline training alone even before touching water.

[UPDATE] Portsmouth North MP Penny Mordaunt has been putting in some last minute training this week a few miles along the Thames from Parliament in Southend-on-sea.

Rumour has it that her Navy training skills have helped her overcome the bottle factor. However, for one reason or another the bookies don't fancy here chances.

They rate 22 year old Supermodel Dan Osbourne as the odds on favourite to go through with comedian Patrick Monahan.

Ms Mordaunt takes on Paul Young, Danielle Lloyd, Patrick Monahan and Dan Osbourne on Saturday night at 7.00pm only on ITV1.

EXCLUSIVE: Another Twist in MP Assault Case.

TBG can exclusively expose yet another twist in the Mike Hancock debacle.

It's now emerged that as well as a motion calling for the release of the Pascoe Report into Hancock being debated by Portsmouth City Council next Tuesday, TBG can reveal that regardless of this the vulnerable complainant is to take the council to the High Court to ask for it to be used in evidence against the Portsmouth South MP.

In defence of the council's controversial stance, City Solicitor Michael Lawther says that he does not intend to release the contents of the report seen by both the Guardian and TBG - "because the information it contains is both personal and such a move would be inappropriate."

TBG thinks that the council's legal bill is only going to get bigger & bigger.

The hearing at the High Court is next Friday.

Dave, Ed and Nick The Computer Repairmen.

Computer repair can be a troublesome experience for many. It can be especially so for those who don’t know what they’re doing, in some respects it can be similar to politics. Computers never do anything wrong because they do exactly what they’re told.

As with politics we often overlook the possibility that we ask the wrong questions, instead acting surprised when the unexpected happens. Over the past year I’ve noticed an increasing correlation between the approaches of the two main parties and the different methodologies in terms of computer repair.

I imagined myself walking into a computer repair store and waiting for service. Just like public transport, I waited for a while and then three assistants turn up all at once; Dave, Ed and Nick. Except it wasn’t long before Dave sent Nick to get coffee.

That keenness you see in a man who has just bested his older brother for the first time, that’s Ed, he seemed quite eager so I let him take a look at my machine first. It didn’t take much prodding and poking around before he had a solution to my problem.

"It’s easy to solve but it won’t be cheap, you need more RAM, better graphics and a new mother board. Oh and this hard drive says its 256,000 Megabytes, when in fact it’s only 0.25 Gigabytes" says Ed. Yet when I questioned if this was solving a problem rather than hiding it, he answered with "yes I suppose, but throwing money at it always makes it work, it has to, it must do. It might cost a bit, but it will go faster than it does right now, I hope."

Feeling a little perturbed by Ed, I decided to see what Dave’s advice was. I would have had a faster answer from Dave, had Ed not been pestering him for a public enquiry into why Nick was taking so long with the coffee.

Dave’s solution was thus; "Your hard drive is extremely fragmented, that will cause a deficit between the information coming in and out. If you reduce that deficit by defragmenting then you will see a long term increase in performance – less spending than Ed. That DWP chip of yours is also very inefficient, swap it with a more efficient one that uses less resources, you’ll see performance gains – cheaper than Ed."

I was faced with Ed’s option of throw money at a problem without really solving it, or Dave’s suggestion that tinkering to reduce costs (and increasing efficiency) would be better. Confronted with the option of spending or saving, I still found myself disturbed at certain things. This included the question of why I would have to get rid of the 20,000 plastic soldiers Dave had found inside my case.

When Nick eventually arrived with the coffee I picked up my laptop and decided to make a dash for it. Prior to walking away, I noticed a sullen looking gentleman stood by the exit. I asked Dave, Ed and Nick who the man was; "Oh that’s Nigel, he’s never been the same since his best mate Godfrey left after refusing to clean behind the fridge".

I quickly made excuses and departed. During the walk home I bumped into this nice chap called Russell Brand who seemed a bit ‘out there’ at first. Yet he did appear to make at least some sense when he told me to ignore the advice of Dave, Ed and Nick. Russell said he had this infallible idea about how to solve the ills of the world. When I asked Russell what his revolutionary idea was, he promptly walked in front of a bus.

Realising I’d been daydreaming, I decided to go outside and get some fresh air. For those who have been involved with politics since birth, there is a real world full of real people out there.

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Osborne Declares War on EU.

IT'S EMERGED this morning that George Osborne is set to hit the warpath with the EU in Brussels later today, TBG can reveal.

According to TBG sources Osborne is set to say that - "The biggest problem with the economies of the EU are members failure to reform."

It's even rumoured that Osborne will say that the EU must reform if it wants Britain to remain a member.

Inflation met its 2% target yesterday which put even more of a spring into the Chancellor's step.

All strong stuff that will certainly make PMQs more interesting, well, maybe.

[UPDATE] - Osborne EU Speech

'Downing Street Starting to Wake-Up to the Cause of UK's Problems'.

Whilst it is good to see Downing Street starting to wake up to the cause of Britain's problems. It has to also be said that William Hague's rejection of a veto for EU laws is very disappointing whilst Ken Clarke and Danny Alexander's stances on the issue are outrageous to say the least.

The main reason why so many young talents were left to rot under Labour and why youth unemployment got out of control was because of the open door policy that allowed Poles and Eastern Europeans to undermine our own labour market and potty EU laws that still to this day damage British business.

David Cameron and William Hague need to realise that far from being "unrealistic" and "potty", the idea of an EU veto makes common sense.

EXCLUSIVE: Tories & Labour Demand Hancock QC Report Made Public.

Tories and Labour in Portsmouth have recently agreed on the wording for a motion demanding that Nigel Pascoe's report about Mike Hancock is put into the public domain, TBG can exclusively reveal.

The report, which has already been seen by both The Guardian and TBG is a devastating critique of the Portsmouth South MP. yet Portsmouth City Council have blocked its publication.

Now though, the issue will be debated at a full meeting of Portsmouth City Council next Tuesday.

Labour Group Leader John Ferrett says he is sick of the drip, drip leaks embarrassing the council, Tory Deputy Luke Stubbs says any more secrecy is doomed to fail and Tory Group Leader Donna Jones says - "the public have a right to see it".

Who'll be Next to Lead Conservative Future?

A NEW Conservative Future (CF) poll has been released by polling and analysis expert Mo Metcalf-Fisher to measure support for potential CF National Chairman candidates.

National elections are pending this year for the Tory youth wing, with names such as current National Deputy Chairman for Membership Sarah-Jane Sewell and London CF'er Mahyar Tousi being tipped to land the top job.


EXPOSED: UKIP Councillor's Plagiarised Column Shocker.

CRAWLEY TORIES seem to have found their mojo and are on the offensive as they have sensationally exposed Tory turned UKIP Councillor Karl Williamson as a copy-and-paste-cat, TBG can reveal.

The earth-shattering revelations came on local Tory Councillor Duncan Crow's blog over the weekend.

Karl Williamson was rejected by Crawley Tories when he was Deputy Leader after a drawn-out spat with Tory Council Leader Bob Lanzer, which led to 98% of the association voting in favour of a 'No Confidence' motion against him and his pal, fellow defector & former Association Chairman Lee Gilroy.

Since then the Crawley Observer has given Williamson column inches in a weekly piece but the articles have dramatically been exposed as a "sham" and seem to have been plagiarised.

The embarrassing proclomation on Councillor Crow's blog listed such articles since their Crawley Observer inception in August 2013.

Crow today slammed Williamson and blasted - "All the evidence presented here (not hearsay like how UKIP find innocent people guilty) clearly shows that Cllr Karl Williamson’s local columns are a sham, and are mostly copied and pasted from national UKIP sources or from Nigel Farage in the Daily Express."

CF Take Over Leicester Sq.

LEICESTER SQUARE, LONDON was swamped with members of the Tory Youth Wing this past Saturday as they celebrated the birthday of popular Braintree Councillor & Eastern Conservative Future (CF) Leader Stephen Canning, TBG can reveal.

TBG can also confirm attendees and guests at London's Ruby Blue bar included CF Chairman Oliver Cooper and election guru Peter Botting.

According to one partygoer, Cllr James Cottis - "Most of the Conservative Party youth wing are in this trendy London nightclub tonight celebrating with Canning"

Tory MP Blasts Hague & Osborne.

Douglas Carswell MP

Foreign Secretary William Hague has today been criticised by a leading Tory eurosceptic for his comments in response to a letter from 95 Conservative MPs calling for Parliament to be given a national veto over current and future EU laws.

In an article for today's Daily Telegraph, Douglas Carswell seeks clarity as regards the PM's promise of a re-negotiation of the EU and 2017 in or out Referendum.

Carswell reckons that if a Prime Minister was going to make such a move he would by now have set out a more clarified way forward. Instead, Carswell says that since the announcement "we have heard nothing."

It's the second time in a day that Carswell has slammed government policy. Speaking on Sky News on Sunday Carswell accused George Osborne of repeating the mistakes made by Gordon Brown as regards what he calls a "recovery on credit".