UKIP Councillor In Race Row.

As was proved by the recent media outcry, my fellow Lincolnian and Ukip member Victoria Ayling seems to have struck a chord with much of the electorate.

Even though Nigel Farage has made it quite clear that Victoria's comments were in regard to illegal immigrants and not all immigrants, it seems as though public disquiet about immigration is now rising just as fast as Ukip's record poll ratings.

The fact that Romanians in London alone are now being arrested at a rate of 18.3 per cent as opposed to the national rate of just 2.6 per cent and account for a whopping 11 per cent of all crime by foreign nationals in the capital even before the border controls are lifted on January 1st 2014 speaks for itself.

This is a time-bomb waiting to explode and as David Cameron's Deputy Nick Clegg pointed out recently, whilst Britain remains in the EU there is nothing we can do about it.

Just as it is also illegal to "discriminate against people on the basis of language" according to a recent report by EU diplomats.

Which simply proves that all the tough talk by David Cameron, Iain Duncan Smith and Theresa May is just that - All talk!

Only the United Kingdom Independence Party have the political agenda to get Britain out of the EU once and for all.

Which is exactly why in the run up to the European Elections next May people should be extra vigilant for both the dirty tricks of the Tory press and false talk from the Conservative Party.

The fact of the matter is that if true Conservatives like me have any proper euro-sceptic principles, then they, like me, would stop listening to false Tory propaganda and switch their political allegiance to Ukip too.