Tory Youth Members Demand National Executive Elections.

CONSERVATIVE FUTURE (CF) members' poll has suggested that the majority of CF members want a National Executive election as soon as possible, tbg can reveal.

Overall, 202 respondents took part in the latests survey designed by polling and analysis expert Mo Metcalf-Fisher.

When asked the question about a national executive election, CF members resoundingly back one being held early & before September 2014 with 69% in favour and 31% against.

Most Tory youth wing members back their current Chairman, Oliver Cooper, to serve on any new CF national executive. Oliver Cooper has been enjoying popular poll ratings as of late.

When asked who CF members want to see in the next exec' Oliver Cooper scores 37.6%, Sarah-Jane Sewell comes in at 13.6%, whilst 22.9% want none of them.

Many CF members are set to meet at YBF's 10th annual Activist Training Conference this weekend, such a sensational poll is sure to give those Tory activists in attendance something to talk about.

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