'Remain Committed to UKIP and Ignore Desperate Tory Gesture'.

So, Oliver Cooper is already trying to turn Ukip members back to the Tory fold by accusing the party of heading in a leftwards direction.

Whilst this would be something one could understand after the European Elections it currently stinks of desperation.

I have already stated that come a General Election I could easily be swayed into voting Tory but the fact of the matter is that if people want proper eurosceptics committed to ending EU migration, standing up to the EU in general, and fighting the fight to get out of the EU then the only way is the Ukip way.

David Cameron may be in a coalition but as far as government policy is concerned he is only picking up from where Labour left off.

Which is exactly why, so long as Cameron heads a coalition government supportive of further immigration and pro EU rhetoric, people should remain committed to Ukip in the forthcoming European Elections and ignore this desperate gesture from a party that seems deep down to be just as desperate to be rid of David Cameron.