Farage Says He Wants Only Christian Syrian Refugees.

NIGEL FARAGE has become even more particular this afternoon on BBC Radio 2's Jeremy Vine show and told the nation he wants to help Syrian refugees, so long as they are Christian and not Muslim.

The sensational ad-hoc add-on to his personal view that the UK should accept Syrian refugees comes after an avalanche of negative feedback from UKIP party members since expressing such an opinion.

Farage's reasoning to allow Christian Syrian refugees became clear Live on air when he blustered - "Muslims can go to countries next door". The UKIP Leader then blamed U.K. and U.S. foreign policy for creating a climate in neighbouring countries where Christians now feel they are not welcome. Farage says it's British tradition to help those under religious persecution.

As it stands the UK isn't accepting any Syrian refugees, which is undoubtedly a moral stain on Britain.