EXCLUSIVE: Would-be Labour MP Makes Legal Threats Against his Own Party.

CONTROVERSIAL former Tory turned Labour Parliamentary candidate Andrew Pelling has sensationally threatened legal action against a fellow member of the Labour Party, TBG can reveal.

Leaked emails, obtained by TBG, reveal that the scandal-prone politician issued the chilling legal threats via a colleague to a Labour activist including the warning that, "You now have to live with the consequences of your own actions."

The extraordinary threats were issued via email through a former influential national journalist who has been listed as ‘freelance’ for the past five years, Mr Pelling is copied into all emails included in the correspondence. In 2010 the pair founded the Inside Croydon blog, a site which frequently targets elected Conservative officials and former colleagues of Mr Pelling in the borough.

A local Tory source said, "Andrew Pelling should issue a statement immediately clarifying why he is using such a heavy handed approach to Labour members in his own party. If Labour do allow this individual to become an MP then there will be many, many more questions about his controversial past which are very much in the public interest."

The full emails relate to allegations surrounding Mr Pelling’s ex-wife, but cannot be disclosed for legal reasons. It is understood that the Labour activist raised the issue of the threats with Steve Reed MP for Croydon North and Labour Party Leader Tony Newman, but no action was taken.