EXCLUSIVE: Portsmouth Lib Dem Leaders Set to Swap Roles?

Are Mike Hancock MP and Council Leader Gerald Vernon Jackson set for a job swap in 2015?

With the Portsmouth South Independent MP still clinging on to his job by a thread, one insider has today told TBG that he believes that whilst Hancock will get his wish to stand as a councillor in his Fratton Ward next May, courtesy of his local party, the national party may not be as forgiving.

Our exclusive source told TBG - "My guess is he won’t get his wish to be readmitted to the Lib Dems and will have to retire in 2015 but will be re-elected to the council and may well become council leader."

This would almost certainly mean that Gerald Vernon Jackson would be in a straight fight with Tory Flick Drummond at the 2015 General Election and if victorious would effectively be swapping jobs with Hancock.

Last week a pensioner appeared at Portsmouth Magistrates Court charged with stalking Hancock under Section 4A of the 2012 Protection of Freedoms Act.