EXCLUSIVE: Calls For Official Inquiry Into CF Christmas Party Shambles.

TORY ACTIVISTS are demanding an official inquiry into the catastrophic cancellation of the Conservative Future (CF) Christmas Party, TBG can reveal.

Secret emails, leaked to TBG, expose highly critical comments about the planning, publicity and management of ticket sales that eventually triggered termination of the highly regarded annual event.

Traditionally the festive celebration will attract between 150-300 members from all corners of the country. But national members were left fuming after receiving a cancellation notice due to poor tickets sales and unforeseen circumstances.

The petition, which is being organised by an activist in the North West of England, calls for an investigation to be led by National Chairman Oliver Cooper into the pre-event planning and systemic failures in management of the much anticipated event. It asks Cooper to personally investigate whether those put in charge of running the party properly delegated tasks such as publicity and invitations and whether disciplinary action should follow.

One line in the email reads - "The CF Christmas Party was an annual national treasure, bringing together hardworking members from around the country, until 2013. This cannot be allowed to happen again and we propose radical action to prevent a similar public embarrassment next year."

The party is rumoured to have suffered due to a lack of planning around a guest speaker, an error compounded by the announcement that regional group London CF had bagged Boris Johnson for a festive address at the Carlton Club.