EXCLUSIVE: Boris Bids For Christmas Number One.

TORY MAYOR OF LONDON Boris Johnson is sensationally set to enter the Christmas pop chart, fulfilling his wish to become a rock-star, TBG can reveal.

"Boris Johnson 'Sings' Rockstar" is apparently going for this years Christmas No.1 according to its creator and up & coming pop-star, Susan Bluechild. The video is just about set to go viral with over 40,000 views, nearly 14,000 of those views have been in the past 24 hours.

Pop-star Susan Bluechild exclusively told TBG - "Boris had said he would like to have been a rock star and now he has his chance. I feel this is the perfect opportunity to give him a platform to showcase his talents.

"It just so happens I wrote this song a couple of years ago and its aptly titled 'Rock star', in fact it could have been written for Boris."

"I'd like to see Boris give the music industry a boost, (Boris Johnson records?!) in fact, now that the song and video have gone viral on YouTube, I'd love it if Boris agreed to do a duet with me... (I'm waiting!)"
- concluded Susan.

[VIDEO] - "Boris Johnson 'Sings' Rockstar"