Essex Tory Chairman Slams Students' Union 'No' Vote Over Flying British Flag.

ESSEX UNIVERSITY have voted 'No' in a Students' Union (SU) election to decide whether or not to fly the British flag over the University.

The motion was thrown out after a vote at the SU Forum. Opponents sensationally said the flag represented imperialism with British soldiers killing people in the name of the flag.

Essex Tory Youth Chairman, Andrew Thorpe-Apps, slammed the decision telling tbg - "The reason the Student Union have given for this decision is just bizarre."

"The Union Jack is a symbol of all that is great about our country: creativity, inclusiveness and a unique sense of humour. Sadly, some students at the University of Essex don't know what modern Britain is about"
- Thorpe-Apps added.

The vote caused anger amongst the motion backers and led to the resignation of Essex SU campaigns officer, Alex Georgiou.

Alex told local reporters - "I was angry at the result and their arguments were fundamentally unfair towards Britain. We are a British institution subsidised by British people and we should feel proud in this country."