'David Cameron's Tough Line On Migrants Is All Talk'.

David Cameron's latest tough line on the benefits of migrants expected from Bulgaria and Romania is all talk and not even worth the paper it is written on.

The fact that immigration into the UK is still running at more than 500,000 people per year is a damning indictment of this Government's failed approach.

As I have said before what is the point of training young Brits and helping small British businesses in the community as Lord Heseltine pledged in Portsmouth last week when companies can get cheap labour from the EU?

Under the UK’s own rules, a range of benefits such as child benefit, child tax credit, state pension credit, jobseekers' allowance and unemployment support allowance are only given to those with a "right to reside" yet this test can easily be by-passed by them claiming to be self-employed.

Any re-negotiation of free movement within the EU can only be tabled by the European Commission which has already said that it has no plans to do so and this movement is in itself a binding EU rule which Mr Cameron remains fully supportive of.

The European Commission has already made it clear that Romanian and Bulgarian migrants to the UK will have the same rights to reside and draw benefits as British nationals so the fact that they will have to wait three months makes barely any difference at all.

Only UKIP have a record of being straight with the British people when it comes to migration because it was UKIP who themselves originally warned about the consequences of opening our doors to all EU migrants way back in 2004 and just by looking at the demographics of how towns like Boston in Lincolnshire have changed so much since proves this.

So as the clock continues to tick towards January 1st surely surely it is time for Mr Cameron to show some guts and go further than he ever has by stopping mass immigration from Romania and Bulgaria once and for all.

Sadly, as all UKIP members like me know full well, the only sensible way forward is by having a referendum to leave the EU, restore full British border controls and therefore choose who enters the UK before they get here just like the strict system already in place in Australia.