Christmas is Cancelled as Tory Youth Wing Dump Festive Party.

"The CF Exec' have Santa in a metaphorical headlock"

UPROAR is again the theme at Conservative Future (CF). This time activists are agasp at the announcement that this years national CF Christmas bash has been postponed, until after Christmas and when festivities have already taken place worldwide.

The national deputy chairman of the Tory youth wing sensationally announced that ticket refunds were to be sent out to the purchaser by the 10th of December, tbg can reveal.

Former CF National Executive candidates, Paul Holmes and John Cope, slammed the executives' "incompetence".

One CF'er told tbg - "It's as if the CF Exec' have Santa in a metaphorical headlock and slowly draining all his goodwill and powerful tactical delivery skills. Ironic don't you think?"

In stark contrast London CF are tonight Christmas partying with Mayor of London, Boris Johnson.