Anti-European Frenzy Could Harm Economy.

So, according to Danny Alexander the "Anti-European frenzy could harm the economic recovery", according to Nick Clegg's office "he will not tolerate the Tories introducing any further curbs on EU migrants" and according to Vince Cable the Tories are "in a panic".

I think its more likely the case that the Liberal Democrats are the one's wound up and in a panic.

If Vince Cable had any idea of how the working class electorate of this country feel on this subject he would realise that it is not the Conservatives in a panic but the whole country.

Far from panicking, by acting on this issue albeit to a limited extent what David Cameron has shown is that at long last he is starting to listen.

However, even though there is still a chance of the Tories winning me back in time for the 2015 General Election if they act accordingly, in terms of the European Elections next May I am supporting Ukip all the way.

Merry Christmas.