Farage Says He Wants Only Christian Syrian Refugees.

NIGEL FARAGE has become even more particular this afternoon on BBC Radio 2's Jeremy Vine show and told the nation he wants to help Syrian refugees, so long as they are Christian and not Muslim.

The sensational ad-hoc add-on to his personal view that the UK should accept Syrian refugees comes after an avalanche of negative feedback from UKIP party members since expressing such an opinion.

Farage's reasoning to allow Christian Syrian refugees became clear Live on air when he blustered - "Muslims can go to countries next door". The UKIP Leader then blamed U.K. and U.S. foreign policy for creating a climate in neighbouring countries where Christians now feel they are not welcome. Farage says it's British tradition to help those under religious persecution.

As it stands the UK isn't accepting any Syrian refugees, which is undoubtedly a moral stain on Britain.

EXCLUSIVE: Calls For Official Inquiry Into CF Christmas Party Shambles.

TORY ACTIVISTS are demanding an official inquiry into the catastrophic cancellation of the Conservative Future (CF) Christmas Party, TBG can reveal.

Secret emails, leaked to TBG, expose highly critical comments about the planning, publicity and management of ticket sales that eventually triggered termination of the highly regarded annual event.

Traditionally the festive celebration will attract between 150-300 members from all corners of the country. But national members were left fuming after receiving a cancellation notice due to poor tickets sales and unforeseen circumstances.

The petition, which is being organised by an activist in the North West of England, calls for an investigation to be led by National Chairman Oliver Cooper into the pre-event planning and systemic failures in management of the much anticipated event. It asks Cooper to personally investigate whether those put in charge of running the party properly delegated tasks such as publicity and invitations and whether disciplinary action should follow.

One line in the email reads - "The CF Christmas Party was an annual national treasure, bringing together hardworking members from around the country, until 2013. This cannot be allowed to happen again and we propose radical action to prevent a similar public embarrassment next year."

The party is rumoured to have suffered due to a lack of planning around a guest speaker, an error compounded by the announcement that regional group London CF had bagged Boris Johnson for a festive address at the Carlton Club.

EXCLUSIVE: Would-be Labour MP Makes Legal Threats Against his Own Party.

CONTROVERSIAL former Tory turned Labour Parliamentary candidate Andrew Pelling has sensationally threatened legal action against a fellow member of the Labour Party, TBG can reveal.

Leaked emails, obtained by TBG, reveal that the scandal-prone politician issued the chilling legal threats via a colleague to a Labour activist including the warning that, "You now have to live with the consequences of your own actions."

The extraordinary threats were issued via email through a former influential national journalist who has been listed as ‘freelance’ for the past five years, Mr Pelling is copied into all emails included in the correspondence. In 2010 the pair founded the Inside Croydon blog, a site which frequently targets elected Conservative officials and former colleagues of Mr Pelling in the borough.

A local Tory source said, "Andrew Pelling should issue a statement immediately clarifying why he is using such a heavy handed approach to Labour members in his own party. If Labour do allow this individual to become an MP then there will be many, many more questions about his controversial past which are very much in the public interest."

The full emails relate to allegations surrounding Mr Pelling’s ex-wife, but cannot be disclosed for legal reasons. It is understood that the Labour activist raised the issue of the threats with Steve Reed MP for Croydon North and Labour Party Leader Tony Newman, but no action was taken.

'Remain Committed to UKIP and Ignore Desperate Tory Gesture'.

So, Oliver Cooper is already trying to turn Ukip members back to the Tory fold by accusing the party of heading in a leftwards direction.

Whilst this would be something one could understand after the European Elections it currently stinks of desperation.

I have already stated that come a General Election I could easily be swayed into voting Tory but the fact of the matter is that if people want proper eurosceptics committed to ending EU migration, standing up to the EU in general, and fighting the fight to get out of the EU then the only way is the Ukip way.

David Cameron may be in a coalition but as far as government policy is concerned he is only picking up from where Labour left off.

Which is exactly why, so long as Cameron heads a coalition government supportive of further immigration and pro EU rhetoric, people should remain committed to Ukip in the forthcoming European Elections and ignore this desperate gesture from a party that seems deep down to be just as desperate to be rid of David Cameron.

Cooper Turning 'Kippers.

TORY YOUTH Leader Oliver Cooper has been hard at work tonight sensationally turning UKIP members away from their party, TBG can reveal.

The Conservative Future (CF) Chairman, who leads the largest political youth movement in the UK, told a member on Twitter that a growing number of UKIP members were left-wing and the party was moving "leftward, in a left-wing direction."

To which a UKIP member replied - "You are depressingly accurate. I could be about to leave UKIP."

Red Ed Miliband in New Expenses Scandal.

Red Ed Miliband is today the subject of a new expenses scandal.

The Labour Leader is said to have wasted £125,000 on travel bills and posh hotels when he was Energy and Climate Change Secretary.

The figure includes over £12,000 spent on overnight stays in London, limos in the USA and hotels in Greenland and Venice.

Tory vice-chairman Bob Neil today accused Red Ed of "spending cash like a drunk on a Friday night."

Council Leader Fears Migrant Numbers.

Well done to Harrow Council Leader Susan Hall for voicing concern at the latest influx of migrants set to hit Britain.

What the coalition need to realise is not just the burden this is set to have on public services but also how it will put British jobs at risk by companies opting for cheap foreign labour as was seen when the Poles virtually invaded Lincolnshire not so long ago.

The Prime Minister needs to get a grip and more importantly stand up to his Deputy even if it does mean an early General Election and the death of the coalition.

82% Want Tougher Stance On Immigration.

Who? Where?

A WHOPPING 82% of the UK electorate want a tougher stance on immigration, that's the findings of a new poll by Harris.

The poll came on the same day that Antonio Guterres of the UN sensationally attacked David Cameron's plan to restrict migrants access to UK benefits.

It provoked a furious response from MP's.

Douglas Carswell told TBG that Cameron "should answer to the UK and not the UN". Peter Bone called it "left wing garbage" and Nigel Mills said it was "over-the-top criticism of a perfectly sensible policy."

Anti-European Frenzy Could Harm Economy.

So, according to Danny Alexander the "Anti-European frenzy could harm the economic recovery", according to Nick Clegg's office "he will not tolerate the Tories introducing any further curbs on EU migrants" and according to Vince Cable the Tories are "in a panic".

I think its more likely the case that the Liberal Democrats are the one's wound up and in a panic.

If Vince Cable had any idea of how the working class electorate of this country feel on this subject he would realise that it is not the Conservatives in a panic but the whole country.

Far from panicking, by acting on this issue albeit to a limited extent what David Cameron has shown is that at long last he is starting to listen.

However, even though there is still a chance of the Tories winning me back in time for the 2015 General Election if they act accordingly, in terms of the European Elections next May I am supporting Ukip all the way.

Merry Christmas.

From TBG x.

EXCLUSIVE: Bulgarian TV Power Outage Blamed On 'Offensive Farage'.

During a no-holds-barred confrontation with UKIP Leader & MEP Nigel Farage on Live Bulgarian TV Show "Every Sunday", British singer songwriter, Jonathan Taylor was soon forced into silence when he was unexpectedly taken off-air for 15 minutes, TBG can reveal.

A spokesperson for the show sensationally claimed - "Nigel Farage is so offensive he blew up the Bulgarian TV centre generator!"

Jonathan Taylor told TBG - "We had just got talking, I mentioned his name too often I guess and the generator blew up. The station back-up systems failed to boot and the whole TV station fell into darkness."

The show presenter then joked - "This is the first time this has happened in 35 years - It was usually the communists who shut us down like this [sic]."

EXCLUSIVE: Portsmouth Lib Dem Leaders Set to Swap Roles?

Are Mike Hancock MP and Council Leader Gerald Vernon Jackson set for a job swap in 2015?

With the Portsmouth South Independent MP still clinging on to his job by a thread, one insider has today told TBG that he believes that whilst Hancock will get his wish to stand as a councillor in his Fratton Ward next May, courtesy of his local party, the national party may not be as forgiving.

Our exclusive source told TBG - "My guess is he won’t get his wish to be readmitted to the Lib Dems and will have to retire in 2015 but will be re-elected to the council and may well become council leader."

This would almost certainly mean that Gerald Vernon Jackson would be in a straight fight with Tory Flick Drummond at the 2015 General Election and if victorious would effectively be swapping jobs with Hancock.

Last week a pensioner appeared at Portsmouth Magistrates Court charged with stalking Hancock under Section 4A of the 2012 Protection of Freedoms Act.

Former Labour MP Jailed Over Expenses.

The former Labour minister Denis MacShane has been jailed for six months after admitting making bogus expenses claims amounting to nearly £13,000 and will spend Christmas behind bars, TBG can reveal.

MacShane apparently has history in this area. According to reports, in 1982 when he was convicted and jailed by a communist court in Warsaw for running money sent by western trade unions to 'underground' activists in the Polish union Solidarity.

MacShane used the money funnelled from the taxpayer to fund a series of trips to Europe, including one to judge a literary competition in Paris.

The former Labour MP & Minister said "Cheers" as he was sentenced by the judge at the Old Bailey.

Tory Youth Leader Colonel Cooper KFC Twitter Spoof.

TORY YOUTH LEADER Oliver Cooper seems to have fallen victim to a spoof Twitter profile based around his love for KFC and ongoing troubles within the Conservative Future (CF) National Executive, TBG can reveal.

The account, @ColonelCooper, launched in the past 24 hours and has posted several images including Oliver Cooper in a KFC, with the tagline - "After a long day fighting the war on unsoundness, a quick stop on the way home at my favourite place".

A spoof film poster seems to have been created and uploaded titled - "Being Oliver Cooper - Directed by Sarah-Jane Sewell".

Another tweet depicts Cooper shaking the hand of God and sensationally proclaims Cooper will have his job soon. "Just bumped into an old friend of mine (don't tell him, but I think I'll be having his job soon)" - states the spoof profile.

The origins of the account @ColonelCooper currently are unknown.

The Red Eds' Political Opportunism and Rank Hypocrisy.

The news that Red Ed Miliband and Redder Ed Balls are to clamp down on gambling machines in betting shops if they win the next election stinks of blatant political opportunism and rank hypocrisy.

This is the party under which we all saw an explosion in gambling both on the internet and in shops under the last government.

If people want to gamble they will gamble because unless they are under age there is very little anyone can do about it.

However, coming from a party that only in 2009 received a £100,000 'thank you' from the betting tycoon Peter Coates via his business Hillside (New Media) which owns both Bet 365 and Stoke City Football Club and £150,000 from Bet365 just weeks before Gordon Brown scrapped plans for a Las Vegas-style super-casino in Manchester this is pretty desperate stuff.

It was Labour who took the controversial decision to relax the betting laws in the first place via the Gambling Bill which gave online casinos and bookmakers free rein to promote themselves on TV thus ignoring experts who said the advertising explosion that Labour allowed would lead to a surge in gambling addiction and suck vulnerable children into the world of online betting.

Given the highly addictive nature of betting which I know all too well about given that I was a snooker and darts odds compiler for bookies Stan James between 1992 and 1997 if any action should be taken I believe that bookmakers should be forced by law to pass on part of their profits to fund research and treatment for problem gamblers instead.

UKIP Councillor In Race Row.

As was proved by the recent media outcry, my fellow Lincolnian and Ukip member Victoria Ayling seems to have struck a chord with much of the electorate.

Even though Nigel Farage has made it quite clear that Victoria's comments were in regard to illegal immigrants and not all immigrants, it seems as though public disquiet about immigration is now rising just as fast as Ukip's record poll ratings.

The fact that Romanians in London alone are now being arrested at a rate of 18.3 per cent as opposed to the national rate of just 2.6 per cent and account for a whopping 11 per cent of all crime by foreign nationals in the capital even before the border controls are lifted on January 1st 2014 speaks for itself.

This is a time-bomb waiting to explode and as David Cameron's Deputy Nick Clegg pointed out recently, whilst Britain remains in the EU there is nothing we can do about it.

Just as it is also illegal to "discriminate against people on the basis of language" according to a recent report by EU diplomats.

Which simply proves that all the tough talk by David Cameron, Iain Duncan Smith and Theresa May is just that - All talk!

Only the United Kingdom Independence Party have the political agenda to get Britain out of the EU once and for all.

Which is exactly why in the run up to the European Elections next May people should be extra vigilant for both the dirty tricks of the Tory press and false talk from the Conservative Party.

The fact of the matter is that if true Conservatives like me have any proper euro-sceptic principles, then they, like me, would stop listening to false Tory propaganda and switch their political allegiance to Ukip too.

YBF Kick-Off Ten Year Anniversary Conference.

THE YOUNG BRITONS' FOUNDATION (YBF) has successfully kicked off its 'YBFX' tenth annual weekend activist training conference in Cambridge.

Super political guru Peter Botting has been lauded for his speech early in the day. Other first day activities included as panel debates, a formal dinner, an award ceremony and a speech by YBF founder Donal Blaney & other heavily influential personalities from the world of politics.

tbg can reveal latest news coming out of YBFX, an in-unison "USA" chant by partying right-wing activists.

EXCLUSIVE: Boris Bids For Christmas Number One.

TORY MAYOR OF LONDON Boris Johnson is sensationally set to enter the Christmas pop chart, fulfilling his wish to become a rock-star, TBG can reveal.

"Boris Johnson 'Sings' Rockstar" is apparently going for this years Christmas No.1 according to its creator and up & coming pop-star, Susan Bluechild. The video is just about set to go viral with over 40,000 views, nearly 14,000 of those views have been in the past 24 hours.

Pop-star Susan Bluechild exclusively told TBG - "Boris had said he would like to have been a rock star and now he has his chance. I feel this is the perfect opportunity to give him a platform to showcase his talents.

"It just so happens I wrote this song a couple of years ago and its aptly titled 'Rock star', in fact it could have been written for Boris."

"I'd like to see Boris give the music industry a boost, (Boris Johnson records?!) in fact, now that the song and video have gone viral on YouTube, I'd love it if Boris agreed to do a duet with me... (I'm waiting!)"
- concluded Susan.

[VIDEO] - "Boris Johnson 'Sings' Rockstar"

Tory Youth Members Demand National Executive Elections.

CONSERVATIVE FUTURE (CF) members' poll has suggested that the majority of CF members want a National Executive election as soon as possible, tbg can reveal.

Overall, 202 respondents took part in the latests survey designed by polling and analysis expert Mo Metcalf-Fisher.

When asked the question about a national executive election, CF members resoundingly back one being held early & before September 2014 with 69% in favour and 31% against.

Most Tory youth wing members back their current Chairman, Oliver Cooper, to serve on any new CF national executive. Oliver Cooper has been enjoying popular poll ratings as of late.

When asked who CF members want to see in the next exec' Oliver Cooper scores 37.6%, Sarah-Jane Sewell comes in at 13.6%, whilst 22.9% want none of them.

Many CF members are set to meet at YBF's 10th annual Activist Training Conference this weekend, such a sensational poll is sure to give those Tory activists in attendance something to talk about.

[VIEW] - FULL results

EXCLUSIVE: Boris Set To Campaign For Tory Youth Leader Hopeful.

MAYOR OF LONDON Boris Johnson has apparently pencilled in a campaign day attendance into his diary for Prospective Tory Youth Chairman, Mahyar Tousi, during his 2014 local election campaign to become Councillor in the London ward of Lee Green.

Tousi was selected for his local London ward last night.

Boris and Tousi have recently been snapped on multiple occasions together in London. Sources speculate that Boris will attend a campaign day and visit local businesses in the area, tbg can reveal.

One CF'er said Tousi was now "very close" to the golden endorsement for Conservative Future Leader from the most popular Tory in the country, Boris Johnson.

Clegg's Cool Crap Christmas Card is Cutting Edge.

Lib Dem Leader's 2013 Christmas card.

H/T Order-Order

At Least Some People Have Memory of What Was In The 2010 Tory Manifesto.

Well done Housing Minister Kris Hopkins for saying that Tory MPs have a "democratic right" to call on the Government not to lift border controls in January and well done also to Nigel Mills and the fifty Tory rebels for backing a recent amendment to the Immigration Bill.

It's good to see that at least some people have a memory of what was said in the 2010 Conservative Manifesto.

Unless I am mistaken it said that immigration was "too high" and promised to "reduce net migration" to "tens of thousands" a year.

It also promised "an annual limit on immigration", "new curbs on unskilled workers", and “transitional controls” on new European Union members.

Surely, if he wants an outright victory at the next election then now is the time for David Cameron to listen.

Whilst such rhetoric may well be an easy soundbite when in opposition, as is now so frequently proven by Yvette Cooper's change of stance, it is not so easy to deliver on when in Government as we are seeing with Mr Cameron's change of heart.

The fact of the matter is that only UKIP's policy can realistically get immigration under control which is having a sensible limit on the numbers of those who can come to the UK from all countries, not just those from outside the EU.

EXCLUSIVE: Emergency Services Called To Raucous London Tory Youth Boris Christmas Bash.

LONDON CONSERVATIVE FUTURE (CF) Christmas Party with Boris Johnson has been hailed as one of the best parties of the year by some CF'ers. Sources say heavy drinking was involved and much laughter was had but, it wasn't without its drama.

Two ambulances were dispatched to the scene late on at the high-end Carlton Club in London, where Tory Youth members were in need of medical attention.

One CF'er is described by sources to have "decked it".

TBG understands that a dispute turned into what has been described as a "medical drama". "I could hear screaming" - one distressed CF'er told TBG.

Nelson Mandela: Revolutionary & Freedom Fighter Dead Aged 95.

South Africa in mourning for their Father

ANTI-APARTHEID revolutionary & former South African President Nelson Mandela has died at the grand age of 95.

Born 18 July 1918 Mandela founded the the ANC Youth League in the 1940's and soon became a leading figure after working as a lawyer and being arrested multiple times for seditious behaviour.

Visiting his old cell
Mandela faced many struggles during his life, the biggest probably being incarcerated for 27 years. The crime was sabotage & conspiracy after leading a bombing campaign against government targets, after initially being in support of non-violent protest against the White Supremacist Afrikaner Nationalist Government that controlled South Africa and had implemented Apartheid laws since 1948.

Mandela was released on 1990 after an world-wide campaign and served as ANC President between 1991 - 1997. Mandela set about dumping the racist apartheid laws with the South African President at the time through negotiation and set up the first ever multiracial elections that saw Mandela elected President of South Africa and formed a Government of National Unity.

Mandela on release from jail 1990
Nobel Peace Prize Winner in 1993, Mandela chose to serve one term as South African President and focused on charity work thereafter.

Nelson Mandela, the revolutionary freedom fighter who never gave up fighting injustices will be sorely missed by South Africans, and the rest of the world. Rest in Peace.

Essex Tory Chairman Slams Students' Union 'No' Vote Over Flying British Flag.

ESSEX UNIVERSITY have voted 'No' in a Students' Union (SU) election to decide whether or not to fly the British flag over the University.

The motion was thrown out after a vote at the SU Forum. Opponents sensationally said the flag represented imperialism with British soldiers killing people in the name of the flag.

Essex Tory Youth Chairman, Andrew Thorpe-Apps, slammed the decision telling tbg - "The reason the Student Union have given for this decision is just bizarre."

"The Union Jack is a symbol of all that is great about our country: creativity, inclusiveness and a unique sense of humour. Sadly, some students at the University of Essex don't know what modern Britain is about"
- Thorpe-Apps added.

The vote caused anger amongst the motion backers and led to the resignation of Essex SU campaigns officer, Alex Georgiou.

Alex told local reporters - "I was angry at the result and their arguments were fundamentally unfair towards Britain. We are a British institution subsidised by British people and we should feel proud in this country."

Christmas is Cancelled as Tory Youth Wing Dump Festive Party.

"The CF Exec' have Santa in a metaphorical headlock"

UPROAR is again the theme at Conservative Future (CF). This time activists are agasp at the announcement that this years national CF Christmas bash has been postponed, until after Christmas and when festivities have already taken place worldwide.

The national deputy chairman of the Tory youth wing sensationally announced that ticket refunds were to be sent out to the purchaser by the 10th of December, tbg can reveal.

Former CF National Executive candidates, Paul Holmes and John Cope, slammed the executives' "incompetence".

One CF'er told tbg - "It's as if the CF Exec' have Santa in a metaphorical headlock and slowly draining all his goodwill and powerful tactical delivery skills. Ironic don't you think?"

In stark contrast London CF are tonight Christmas partying with Mayor of London, Boris Johnson.

More Brits Want To Leave EU.

With UKIP this morning hitting its highest poll rating for months at 19% in The Guardian there's an extra bit of good news for the party according to Opinium as well.

Opinium's latest poll for Lanson's Communications shows that only 26% of the public now see the EU as a "good thing", 36% want to stay in the EU, 50% those polled want to leave the EU whilst 20% think it would make little difference.

64% of people said that belonging to the EU had a negative impact on the UK when it came to immigration and 54% of businesses thought EU immigration policies had been bad for the UK.

For the first time more businesses also favour being out of the EU. 38% thought the British economy would be better off if the UK left the EU whilst 31% thought the UK would be worse off.

The news comes on the day that former Tory Chancellor Norman Lamont accused the government of, "repeating false arguments" about the dangers of leaving the EU. It also emerged that no less than nine government ministers including Housing Minister Kris Hopkins want border controls for Romanians and Bulgarians to remain in place.

Hopkins told tbg that Tory MPs have a "democratic right" to call on the government not to lift the controls, as Tory MP Nigel Mills launched an amendment to the Immigration Bill signed by no less than 50 Tory rebels.

'David Cameron's Tough Line On Migrants Is All Talk'.

David Cameron's latest tough line on the benefits of migrants expected from Bulgaria and Romania is all talk and not even worth the paper it is written on.

The fact that immigration into the UK is still running at more than 500,000 people per year is a damning indictment of this Government's failed approach.

As I have said before what is the point of training young Brits and helping small British businesses in the community as Lord Heseltine pledged in Portsmouth last week when companies can get cheap labour from the EU?

Under the UK’s own rules, a range of benefits such as child benefit, child tax credit, state pension credit, jobseekers' allowance and unemployment support allowance are only given to those with a "right to reside" yet this test can easily be by-passed by them claiming to be self-employed.

Any re-negotiation of free movement within the EU can only be tabled by the European Commission which has already said that it has no plans to do so and this movement is in itself a binding EU rule which Mr Cameron remains fully supportive of.

The European Commission has already made it clear that Romanian and Bulgarian migrants to the UK will have the same rights to reside and draw benefits as British nationals so the fact that they will have to wait three months makes barely any difference at all.

Only UKIP have a record of being straight with the British people when it comes to migration because it was UKIP who themselves originally warned about the consequences of opening our doors to all EU migrants way back in 2004 and just by looking at the demographics of how towns like Boston in Lincolnshire have changed so much since proves this.

So as the clock continues to tick towards January 1st surely surely it is time for Mr Cameron to show some guts and go further than he ever has by stopping mass immigration from Romania and Bulgaria once and for all.

Sadly, as all UKIP members like me know full well, the only sensible way forward is by having a referendum to leave the EU, restore full British border controls and therefore choose who enters the UK before they get here just like the strict system already in place in Australia.