The Great Hancock Cover-Up.

A DECISION regarding Mike Hancock MP WILL be taken next Friday, tbg can reveal, as sensational allegations of a "major cover-up" in order to "kick the issue into the long grass" are circling in Portsmouth this morning.

It follows news this morning that a Freedom of Information Request by James Haggar to see Nigel Pascoe QC's damning report as regards the Portsmouth South MP's behaviour towards a vulnerable female constituent was recently blocked.

tbg can reveal the decision to give "Full power to a sub-committee to make a decision when it meets next Friday" was rubber-stamped by the council's Executive last night, but that hasn't stopped the conspiracy theorists going to town this morning.

Whilst Liberal Democrat Councillor and sub-committe member Terry Hall issued a statement saying that, "It was a procedural matter" and that - "The sub-committee does not at present have the power to postpone the meeting unless this committee gives them that delegated authority."

Executive member Councillor Aiden Gray promised that - "It was a rubber stamping exercise so that there will be no more delays" and that "that is when the outcome will be decided."

One former Lib Dem told told tbg this morning that its all going to be a - "Whitewash and the public shouldn't hold its breath just yet."

Another alleged that the report had already been deliberately leaked to the Lib Dems, such is Nigel Pascoe QC's damning verdict, saying [as revealed by tbg earlier this week] that they - "Believe it is also no coincidence that PCC deliberately leaked the name of the victim on it's website against the ruling of the High Court."

Hancock is this morning refusing to comment insisting that his priority at the moment is the future of the Portsmouth naval base.

Yesterday a 67 year old disabled Portsmouth pensioner was arrested at his home by five police officers armed with a search warrant. They took his mobile phone and memory stick from his computor.

Sources say he was detained for over six hours whilst being interrogated for charges of alleged harrassment without violence against Mike Hancock and one of his office staff.