#NowhereNearTheMark: Welsh Tory Chairman Slams CF National Executive.

TORY YOUTH WING'S National Executive has again come under public criticism, this time from the Chairman of Swansea West Conservative Association, Craig Lawton, tbg can reveal.

Lawton's criticism came just hours after the announcement of former Tory Youth Chairman Ben Howlett's selection as the Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Bath.

Mr Lawton sensationally announced via his Twitter account - "Congrats to @benhowlettcf [Ben Howlett] on PPC selection for #Bath. Shame current #CF "exec" will assume they are guarenteed similar. #NowhereNearThemark"

When approached, a source close to Mr Lawton said - "Craig is sick and tired of the current in-fighting taking place between the National Executive of CF. I know for a fact that he feels they are undoing the work the Ben did previously."

The source went on to comment - "Craig has said on a number of occasions that he felt Ben gave CF a reasonable face. This current executive are in it simply for their own gain and publicity; it seems that every week another one of them is announcing their intention to stand for the the position of National Chair, no doubt with the assumption that is a quick route to Westminster."

Previously the Chairman of Swansea Conservative Future, Craig Lawton, a lawyer based in Swansea, recently resigned from his position as Chairman of South Wales West CF. His resignation email, in which he heavily criticised the Chairman of Wales CF Chris Harries, was subsequently leaked to tbg.

It would appear that the Mr Lawton has gone one step further this time by suggesting that the entire National Executive of the Tory youth wing are in fact "Nowhere near the mark" of their former leader Ben Howlett.